Sunday, August 31, 2008

shld have update on my bdae de .
but too lazy .
and also bz .
so nmvr update .
will try to rmb to update de .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ok finally left one paper .
and the paper that stress miie the most has finish .
oh and i was actually kinda shocked ytd .
cos yvonne missed call miie .
and wanted to have dinner with miie .
but sad thing was i had exam from 7 to 9 .
so dont think can make it .
so i kinda tell them i cant .
and den feiyan actually sae that they wanted to celebrate my bdae .
ok not htat it is a big thing .
is just that i didnt think they will remember .
that is why i onli sae true den will think of you .
ok of cos my girl zuer has long wish miie happy bdae .
and you promised go shopping with miie .
hahaas .
i miss her soooo much .
oh and before i forget to mention .
of cos zi, han and wei has also wish miie happy bdae .
but wei and han have exam on my bdae .
so i can onli sae hope i bring lucks to your exam ba .
and my jie and kor will be celebrating for miie next week .
as they sae when holiday den celebrate .
so ya .
and daddy mummy will celebrate on the day itself but aat night .
as they have to work too .
and during the day i have my horny bitches to pei wo .
so ya you are forgiven .
hahaas .
opps .
but horny bitches sae can pei miie de wor .
and ytd peng peng sae they alreadiie bought a bdae present for miie .
omg !
i am so excited .
and todae just nid to take the iiso paper .
and after that see Dr Eng .
and after it is the start of holiday le wor !
woooohoooooo ~
*excited excited*

Saturday, August 23, 2008

so i noe that gossip girl season 2 is starting .
and it is airing on sept 1 .
i am so excited .
ok and my cmaths exam has finish .
and i am left with
hmmm ....
two more papers .
carc and iiso .
and so today i will be going over to my ah gong hse .
cos todae is my ah ma the death anni .
and it is the 6th yr le .
see time passes sooo fast .
it just seem like a yr or two that she was gone .
or maybe she has alwaes live in my heart .
so i alwaes feel that she nvr left .
i am tired .
reali tired .
i nid to buck up with my exam .
i cant bare to fail .
so i am going to do my best .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ok so tmr gonna start exam le .
horny bitches wanted to study together de .
but dunno why in the end nvr .
hahaas .
den now in the mid of revising and still designing the webby i wann .
hahaas .
wish miie luck for tmr test ba .
love you guys .

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i am sooo sianz .
but i got a new modem and so i got a new plan too .
change from singtel to starhub .
and i will be collecting the router after my exam finishes .
and is like i nid go down and take myself la .
and i dun even noe where the hell is that place .
oh i am currently trying to design my own blog skin .
trying my best .
have been out for the morning and back at home about 2+ going 3
den now blog le will go pompom and let the com rest .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i seriously dunno wad to do now .
i got no mood to study .
and i just watch finish the possible show for miie to watch .
i seriously dunno wad to do .
wad shld i do now ?
and i found this picture .
it kinda draws miie in .
take a look at it .
maybe i am in to photography le ba ?
unsure .

Monday, August 18, 2008

ok here is to sae .
that my daddy is now watching tang xin feng bao 2.
of hua hao yue yuan .
actually is quite nice .
and so while he is using the com .
i will not be online or even appear offline .
so now ppl go watch it .
it is nice .
and since i am reviewing on a show .
i must well recommand a few more .
i have watch gossip girl season 1 .
and i tell you .
you will love it .
and if you like bitches slut hangover and more .
you can watch this show and you will love it .
and i seriously mean it .
oh and i am also watcing heroes season 1 and 2 .
which i have not finish with season 2 so nothin much to comment yet .
oh and next movies .
a movie that is not shown in singapore .
black christmas .
a thriller actually and it is pretty disgusting .
and ya so you ppl can go watch it .
if you wann to see how sick a person can be .
and let miie see .
i am not verii sure wad else .
oh oh .
just sayin and it 'pop' into my head .
mummy series .
the mummy 1, 2 and the latest one .
they are quite nice .
but haven reali watch the last one .
so ya hope to watch it soon .
daddy is back see you ppl .
gtg .
love my peeps and horny bitches

Sunday, August 17, 2008

oh my got prsp is getting miie crazy .
insane .
wad ever you can sae .
and guess wad .
tmr is the final judgement and it is at 930 .
oh god .
cant even get a good nitez sleep .
this certainly suck .
and i just hope this quickly end .
and just hope for all the best
gtg .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ok i totally nid to pos some important things .

1. i got my photoshop and things uncracked .
2. wad i have done recently .
3. mood on doing prsp .
4. how i am going to spent my time this weekend .

ok so everuthing starts from 1 .
so i will do so .
ok .
i have redownloaded my adobe photoshop cs3 extended version .
and great thanks to my horny bitch .
she gave miie the cracks for the photoshop and yeah !
i am using it happily now .
hahaas .
i am trying to change my hair colour to blond .
but after great effort i gave up .
there is one big problem as my hair is totally tooooo black .
tooo black to even change it to other colour .
which my heart hurt as i dun get to see myself in blond hair .
i was wondering how awful or weird it would be .
but if i get the way to reali get that image .
i might think of posting it here .
so wish miie lucks in photoshopping my own pics .
but i will not photoshop my pics if i noe how to use it .
as i hate faker ....
sooooo i am trying hard not to be one .
but infront of others ... i might need to think about it .
hahaas .
ok .
now no. 2 .
wad was it again ?
oh about wad i was doing recently .
recently nothin much .
am dying i think .
oh but now i noe how the feeling of a person being a stalker .
cos i went on this trip of being a stalker .
wann to take the person number de .
but ....
courage went holiday went i needed them .
hahaas ,
but it was fun and just like ytd i was working .
i saw 'him' waiting for the same bus again .
hahaas .
he is totally my types of guy .
and oh my god he is super duper cute la .
lol .
that is my view la .
but i got my old self back now .
and i am still young and flirty ,
hahaas .
oh went working ytd .
i sae another 'him' .
the 'him' that i cant seem to forget .
and the 'him' that i love no matter how he hurt miie .
haiz .
and he is now more tanned .
and when i sae tan i mean it .
he is tanned !
over-tanned i shld sae .
cos not a verii nice tan ,
hahaas .
but when i saw 'him' .
my heart did a somersault and i was dreaming again .
hahaas .
i noe i am weak .
br=ut this is miie .
no one not even miie can stop the feeling from overflowing for 'him' .
haiz .
ok .
so we move on to the magic no. 3
soooo .
it is the mood on doing prsp .
of cos there is more den words to even describe it .
ok as it is further more difficult den the first one .
and i reali need help .
i am going crazy .
but i managed to try ?
ok but the thing does not work .
hahaas ,
so no point in trying i think .
hahaas .
so now all i can sae .
i am pissed angry crazy going to sooo upset by it .
and if i do i might get depression .
hahaas ,
ok i noe i am going way over the reality .
ok i might not get depression .
but i might cry and fail .
and which is something i do not wish it to happen .
hahaas .
ok move on move on ,
n0 .4 .
ok you ppl must think finally the last thing le .
some might not even finish it but who care .
i just enjoy typing it and telling to verii one .
ok and this weekend i will spent it hoem revising some cmaths and carc and of cos .
my prsp assignment .
not even half done yet .
oh my god .i nid give a call for help .
hahaaa .
ok now the time is 5.40pm .
and guess wad i took so long to post one post .
oh and i am posting artistic pic again !
ahahaas .

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HAIZ ...
nothin to post le .
so ....
byebye .
going to watch my show le .

Sunday, August 10, 2008

i was like viewing through a few blog .
oh and blog shopping for a while .
and guess wad .
my iPOD touch ...... got refund .
she sae that there was something wrong over at china ?
i dunno .
oh my my ,
den i have to get one in singapore .
haiz .
sianzess .
ok and when i was blog shopping .
in the end it became blog reading .
nvr reali bought any thing .
oh my god .
i am soooooo going crazy .
poly life aint wad i expected .

sometimes you think ppl nid you .
but the fact is you nid them more den they nid you .
sometimes you think that they are your best friends .
but the fact is they dun think you are their's .
sometimes you think it is alright to complain .
but the fact is they just think you're too naggy .
sometimes you think they cant live without you .
but the fact is they are doing great without you .

ok . i am soooo being poetic again .
and i just suddenly wrote that down .
maybe .... it is time to strave myself .
as i am getting more and more fatter .
haiz .
and i think sometime from now .
if i see you again .
i am sure you will be shock and you will laugh at miie behind my back .
so to prevent you in laughing at miie .
i have to strave myself til i get 40 ba .
oh pls .
someone or something pls help miie to get my target .

Friday, August 8, 2008

ok before i forget .
i got lots and lots of photos to post .
old ones and new ones .
ya .
some past mem0ries and some new cliques ,
and my new cliques is call "horny bitches "
hahaas .
ok that randomly came from zozo .
and so ya .
we are the horny bitches .
so wad .
we are there to admit it .
we are horny but not desperate .
we like to see guys but nvr go for them .
we are some wad single .
but we might be attached ,
no one noe .
so ya ppl happy guessing .
and i will be going to school soon .
can you imagine !
is like friday .
i am supposed to stay at home rot like shit .
den maybe go play mj de lorx .
wa lao .
den in the end is must go back school .
all i could sae is sianz !
haiz .
oh and i still not confirm if my parents will be going oversea ma .
cos my daddy side de gathering was cancelled .
due to one of his brother de passport left 4 months so cannort go .
hahaas .
den my mummy suggested in going with her 2nd brother .
which they will go in tonight and be back on monday .
ya .
so the decision was not made yet .
so there might be chances they will not be going ,
ok .
going to school le .
tmr or when den post pics ba .

Friendster Icons

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i seriously do not know wad to post .
i can onli sae i got a new hp iPAQ .
and nothin much .
haiz .
oh and i nid someone to take miie in ,
as my parents might be out for the whole weekend starting from friday .
ahhhhh .
who wann take miie in ?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ok seriouslt this show is nice .
but onli until ep 2 .
sooo ya .
actually nothin much to sae also .
but you noe my friends was sayin i was not updating .
ao i still think even though i got nothin much to sae .
i still have to post a few sentences things or wadever ,
oh and just sayin .
ytd i lvl up 2 lvl for my maple cos got 2exp .
is like kill until my fingers numb lorx .
lol .
will update on the show de details .
cos i got lots of pics about them de.
and will soon upload the chalet photos de .
cos i nid ask carol or pengpeng to help miie put in com .
cos i cannot put in .
the stupiid handphone cannort connect to the computer .
something wrong with the cable .
so stupiid .
ok le that all le .
going to see if there is any more show .
if yes . i will watch it before going to my ah gong hse .

Saturday, August 2, 2008

ok got verii zilian in sch tat day .
but used pengpeng de phone .
den she help miie train my maple .
hahaas .
and thanks to jess also .
she also help miie do finish my quest .
i might be going to grandma hse ltr on .
hahaas .
and i am so going to play maple for a little while more .
but now ......
i can onli say i got the best friends .
but i hope they are not like the past fews ones .
i hope they are as real as they look .
cos i reali enjoy and like hanging out with them .
even though the onli time we went shopping together was when we went to do project .
hahaas .

Friendster Icons

i totally agree with this .
cos if you have nothin .
that turn you into a stalker .
and that seriously frightened and pissed off the other party .