Monday, September 29, 2008

ok so i have just finish pompom .
is like now is raining damn heavily .
downpouring .
oh my god .
and i have posted pics tat i took ytd .
hahaas .
oh and i pimp my contact lens box .
and some quite random pics .
hahaas .

these are taken todae .
some weird pattern i tried to do todae .
hahaas ,
i tried my best le hor ,

just random .
oh and i change my nail colours again .
todae is nude colour .
hahaas .
oh and i am getting my ds soon .
hahaas .
todae the person inform miie tat all our games has been put in .
so it is counted ready for collection .
so we just nid to wait til 13 oct .
and we will be going out before meeting him
hahaas .
i wann go buy shorts and clothes .
i wann go shopping !
and wann go giant see the closet den go ikea see furniture
wann change some things in my room ,
opps .
almost forget to do the count down thingy
14 days left .
equal to 2 weeks left .
times passes so fast when you didnt notice .
but when you await for somethings .
time passes slowly .
time something tat is not in favour for us .
hahaas .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i was thinking of selling the crystals and also help ppl paste .
so now .
i am in the mid of planning .
den i capture a few photos using my digi cam .
and it is like super clear lorx .
so let the picture do the talking ba .

den these are the crystal i make myself .

and i am planning on how to pimp my digi cam .
and also for my ds lite .
hahaas ,
i am going to get it soon le ,
and i have send the game list to the person le .
hahaas .
so we will be getting it on 13 oct .
hahaas .
counting down .
15 more days to getting my ds .

Saturday, September 27, 2008

oh ok .
todae is my luckiest day ever .
cos i was just planning to save for a digital cam after buying my ds .
and *poof* i got one .
and the brand is canon .
oh my god i am seriously in love in this cam .
it is 7.1 megapixels .
i am just loving it .
hahaas ,
all i can sae is
thanks and thanks a lot .
i reali like it .
i am sooo happy .

ok and another thing is that i have finalised my game list le .
will post it here .

Air Traffic Chaos (USA)
Animal Crossing Wild World (USA)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (USA)
Big brain academy(USA)
Brain Age
Brain Age 2 - More training in minutes a day
cooking Mama (USA)
cooking Mama 2 Dinner with friends
CSI: Dark Motives (USA)
Diary Girl (USA)

Guitar Hero: On Tour (USA)
Harvest Moon DS (USA)
Harvest Moon DS Cute (USA)
Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness (USA)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (USA)
I SPY - fun house
Lost in Blue (USA)
Lost in Blue 2 (USA)
Lost in Blue 3 (USA)
Mario Kart DS (USA)

Mystery Clue Files: MillionHeir (USA)
Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret Of Olde World Park (USA)
Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clues Bender Society (USA)
New International Track And Field (USA)
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney (USA)
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All (USA)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (USA)
Professor Layton and the Curious Village (USA)
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (USA)
The World Ends With You (USA)

Theme Park (USA)
Touch Detective (USA)
Touch Detective 2-1/2 (USA)
Trauma Center - Under the Knife (USA)
Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2 (USA)

a total of 35 games .
and pengpeng sae she will save enough on 10 oct .
so we will be meeting the person on 13 oct .
and gettign it on 13 oct .
i am sooooo excited .
now left zozo de game list .
den i can send to the person le .
hahaas .
den now the spares things we might be getting .
pengpeng a white leather pouch .
zozo a crystal casing colour still haven decide yet .
miie a pink soft pouch .
so ya .
now i am verii happy .
count down on 13 oct .
16 more days to go .
ok i just change a new skin .
and obviously it is done by miie .
hahaas .
waste quite some time on it .
and wad do you think .
give miie some tips or comment ba .

Friday, September 26, 2008

ok so todae i went to work .
but didnt work til the end .
cos reali lazy .
oh and people .
good news for miie .
hahaas .
my weight have drop .
and ok i was shock too .
i didnt realise .
until i weight myself .
so i hope i get slimmer .
but it has got to do with miie .
as i was recently not well .
as in i have something in my stomach .
soooo .
tat is why i am slimming .
as it is making miie get everthing i put in my mouth out .
so yah .
good new or bad new ?
i dunno .
but i am a bit scare .
i dun wann die so early .
oh and pengpeng she just dun have the same thinking as miie .
all i think is to get the ds lite asap .
but she just dun mind to get it as late .
but the problem with miie is that .
i do not have the american time to go all the way to jurong when sch reopen .
as i dunno if the cds lesson are when .
and our fri might have to go to sch for lesson .
and we might not have a day off .
and i am so scare tat my daddy will last minute change his mind .
if he does den i dun get to buy it .
haiz .
so i just dun get it ,
why cant she understand wad i am ttrying to tell her .
and moreover she does have the enough amount .
but she dun wish to use the money from the other account .
i dun get it .
she can use den put it back de wad .
maybe i dun understand her .
i dun get it why she cant take money from there .
i reali hope she noe wad i mean .
and i hope i can understand better .
cos true friends are hard to get .
and to miie i can tell she is a true friend .
so i reali hope to understand her more .
and so do i wish too understand zoelyn .
recently went out with her ,
we had fun .
but there was something bothering her .
i can see though .
but to miie i can understand why she didnt tell miie .
but she dont trust miie tat much .
i dun blame her .
so just would hope to noe her more too .
so tat i can noe wad is bothering her .
she seem so emo .
sooooo ....
i dunno how to descirbe .
aiya ,
just hope she is better .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ok so ytd was quite a DAY !
firstly i meet up with zoelyn .
den we went looking for the ds lite .
we wanted to see the exact colour .
or i shld sae how the colour we want look like .
den i look at the metallic rose .
it doesnt lok as bad as i thought .
but it look kinda ........
i dunno ugly is not the word .
it just looks dirty after awhile .
as i looks a little bronze .
so i was thinkin .
i shld take pink .
and i think tat is the colour le ba .
cos i still can pimp up .
hahaas .
oh oh .
and instead of going to bugis and walk a certain distance .
to the hell of my life "arab st"
i found a shop tat sell my crystals .
but obviously the price is also different .
ok this is the sizes i nid .
they are of size 16 and 10 .
ok so i bought mine for like 10.50 for size 16 at arab st .
but the shop tat i found sell it at 12.50 .
a different of $2 .
and i bought my size 10 for $7.50
but the shop sell it at $8 .
a different of $0.50 .
i dun mind the cost of $0.50 .
but if i buy a lot .
den it will cos a lot too .
oh btw the quantity is the same .
they all have 144 pcs in per packets .
ok so i was thinking wad shld i stick on my ds leii .
and i thought of a heart shape so i did a rough one .
here is a pic of it .

ok so after tat we wanted to have lunch .
but we ended up in the arcade ....
we spent
ard 20 bucks on the sweet machine .
we alwaes go crazy and veriii violent when playing tat .
hahaas .
thinkin of it my hand hurt a bit .
hahaas .'
ok so this is wad we had .
we splited the sweets .
so this aint all of it .
hahaas .

so as to let you ppl noe the sweet come from timezone .
ok and some random photos .

that is about all le .
going to post photos at other places le .

Monday, September 22, 2008

ok so i was supposed to do the review on the restaurant de .
but now .
i totally lost the mood .
due to the haircut i got ytd .
i am freaking pissed .
as the person totally ruin my hair .
and now i dun even wann to step out of my house .
my fringe looks awfully ugly and super thin .
and my hair all out of balance .
this is den wad my daddy alwaes sae .
the hair look like a dog bite on it .
i seriously hate it .
but i dun even dare to tell the girl to fix it .
cos i noe she will onli make it worse .
and this reali scare miie .
i dun wann to end up with no more hair to cut .
oh and this salon is at my hse here de .
bedok north ave 4 blk 88 or 86 .
it reali suck .
i think the onli one who noe how to cut hair is the boss .
cos she once cut my hair
and i think she did it rather well .

Saturday, September 20, 2008

sorry recently a bit busy though .
as i am planning to get a ds lite .
my friends noe that .
and of course i am excited to get it asap .
i have spent for quite some times to find the games i wann .
and ok i came up with this list .
some are the ones i wann myself .
some are friends recommendation .
i will list them here .
so if i can my ds lite .
den i shld do game review too .
hahaas .
will do the crystal jade de review soon .
even though it is like super long ago .
and i wasnt invited to .
i just went there to have lunch with my dearest mummy and gan ma .
so i will find time when i feel like uploading all the pics .
and ya i have read a few more comic books .
and i will be reviewing a hk drama soon .
as it is going to come to an end le .
ok so my ds lite game list first .

these are the games i wann de .
harvest Moon DS
Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness (USA)
Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret Of Olde World Park (USA)
Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society (USA)
cooking Mama (USA)
cooking Mama 2 Dinner with friends
Big brain academy(USA)
I SPY - fun house
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (USA)
cooking Mama (USA)
cooking Mama 2 Dinner with friends
Brain Age
Brain Age 2 - More training in minutes a day
Professor Layton and the Curious Village

these are the games recommended by crystal YEO :
phoenix wright - Ace attorney
phoenix wright - ace attorney justice for all
phoenix wright ace attorney - trials and tribulation
Trauma Center - Under the Knife (USA)

these are the games recommended by my horny bitch supeng aka pengpeng
Animal Crossing Wild World (USA)
Lost in Blue (USA)
Lost in Blue 2 (USA)
Lost in Blue 3 (USA)
The World Ends With You (USA)
Mario Kart DS (USA)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (USA)

there is a total of 23 games .
but there is this game named "nanshi"
it is a new DS horror game from Square Enix .
Nanashi no Game (Nameless Game)try to convince players that they are in danger even as the characters are in danger .

The concept is come from the movie The Ring
on your DS it is a cursed game which kills everyone who plays it within seven days. It looks like your character is playin the game .
but somehow so do you too .
There is a fake retro RPG that will no doubt begin dripping with insanity effects
there is even a fake DS menu through which you'll receive creepy messages .
I am not sure how the main game reali works or how it can interacts with all these little fourth-wall-breaking touches as i haven not get the chance to playy it yet .
and now there is onli a jap version .
i ahven seen a usa or europe version .
so i think we still have to wait ba .

ok so this game is still under consideration .
and i hope pengpeng can save up quick .
cos i reali hope to get it before school reopen .
cos i nid time to pimp it de .
and i am alreadiie planning in how to do it .

oh den just now i browse through .
and i sae this verii nice pic or photo .
so i save and edited it .
and i think it is verii nice .
i wanted to add a slogan or somethign like that .
but i cant think of any .
i dun wann to spoil the pic .
so here it is .
enjoy .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

todae basically i have done .....
nothin .
haiz .
onli watch anime and all .
oh and there is still books to recommend .
and to be reviewed .
and so the comics first .
as i have one i shld have done it ytd or two days ago .
but was too lazy to do so .
it is about those monster kind of comic .
kind of nice yet uncompleted yet .
so you can read it if you had read before love monster .
and if you love "love monster" you will also like this book .
here is the cover

and of course the side of it .

ok then the following is novel .
english novel .
and it is a series written by Stephenie Meyer .
she also have other book and series .
but i like this the best .
this series' story has ended .
but the author herself is going to pulish another version .
has twilight series is the version of the viewed of "bella"(the main role of the story)
i can onli say i find new moon rather boring .
as new moon is bascially all about bella with jacob .
so to miie not verii interesting .
but dont reali affect the story in the third book .
eclipse is verii nice .
i like it .
and will be able to get to read breaking dawn .
so i will reviewed that after i read it .
so this series is given a rating of 9/10 .
because of the second book the one mark is deducted .
but it is still great awaitin for midnight sun to be out .

Monday, September 15, 2008

ok so i promised to do a comic books review .
and so here i am .
as i have finally uploaded the pics into my labby .
den i shall post about it .
firstly i am going to review on this book .
the title is 极品同居人。
it is a two book series .
in other words 两本完。
it is about a girl who is verii in to comic books .
and is also wad we call 宅女。
and is in love with a comic character .
because of her mummy wants her to have a boyfriend .
so she decide to go on a trip and let guys come and stay in their hse .
and etc....
this book is strictly for 18& above .
but who reali care right .
the rating i give for this book is .
8/10 .
though the people is handsome and all .
but i find the ending for the mum a bit ....
so you can understand why it is rated 8 .
here is the cover of the second book .
the side so you people can see the title in case your com cannort read chinese .

oh and the author as you can see from above is 车谷晴子
the next book is also a series .
but not two books end .
as it is unfinish yet .
but til now i find it nice and good .
it is onli until the second book .
and it is about a non-blood related brother and sister that are in love .
so you can imagine the story line as i will not elaborate more .
oh and it is drawn by the same author as the book i have just review .
but this book is not strictly for 18 & above .
the rating til now is 9/10 .
as for the second book ending part .
the mom found out that they are together .
so it make people feel excited on the ongoing storyline .
ok so here is the cover of the second book .

the side of the book .

ok this review til here .
the motive is to let you people noe about this author .
the character she draw is all either handsome or cute .
so you can consider reading her comic .
and the storyline is still good .
so it is worth to read the comic she had drawn and is still drawing .
will give a few more review soon .
and the anime de will be soon too .
i may seem a bit busy .
some people think i am just doing useless things .
but you are so wrong .
i am doing this to let people noe which books are worth reading .
so that they do not waste their money .
and i do not even earn a cent on this .

Sunday, September 14, 2008

todae everyone must be eating mooncake ba .
but too bad .
i dun like and got no mood to eat .
haiz .
and the review for those comic books .
i think reali have to wait .
cos i got no time to do so .
and still got a lot of thing to do .
work and work .
and some other things .
so i will post them soon with other anime intro .

Friday, September 12, 2008


나는 나가 사랑하는 사실을 미워한다. 저에서 함께 질문하는 우리에게인 것이 가능한 경우에 당신 특정 방법. 나의 응답에 관해서는 그러나 저에 관해서는 당신이 슬프게 느꼈다, 이지 않았다. 그러나 시간 당신은 이렇게 생각한ㄴ다는 것을 는 사실을 를 사용하는 후에 저에 관해서는 지금 당신이 후회할 경우의

Odio il fatto che amo. Aumenta la cosa è possibile in noi quale domande insieme da me il vostro metodo specifico. Circa la mia risposta indietro circa me vostro questo ha ritenuto ma, l'intelligenza non era tristemente. Attuale avete pensato ma come questo dopo usando il fatto che mi consuma un fatto circa il caso di che ora vostro questo si rammaricherà

Haine le fait que j'aime. Il augmente la chose est possible dans nous quelles questions ensemble chez moi votre méthode spécifique. Environ ma répondue en arrière environ elle votre ceci moi a retenue mais, l' ; intélligence n'était pas tristement. Actuel vous avez pensé mais comme ceci après en employant le fait qu'il me consomme un fait environ le caso de quel maintenant votre ceci rammaricherà
ok so todae i went to mummum with mummy and ganma .
so is for kinda funny though .
miie and ganma like talking about secrets .
and i was confuse plus funny .
laughing almost all the way .
and when to crystal jade to mummum .
so i took lots and lots of photos .
and i am so going to post it .
but ....
alwaes a but .
hahaas .
not todae .
cos i wann go watch moonlight resonance .
and ok .
it is super nice de lorx .
ya so you are introduce to watch it .
hahaas .
oh and i got a few comic books for girls though .
oh and one anime .
might not be new but i have recently like it .
i think if you like character to be cute maybe you will like it too .
the name of it is katekyo hitman reborn .
the little guy is super cute lorx .
hahaas .
sooooo you ppl can go watch it to spent some of your bored time .
oh and some comic books .
hmmmmm .....
i shall post it tmr or something like that .
cos i thing i should take the picture and post it together .
so you guys can see though .
yupx .
let see .
oh i have to go watch my show le .
will sae more tmr de .
oh and work is still the same old boring .
hahaas .

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ok so there is one thing i have to sae .
is that i had got the sms of my result .
and to my surprise .
i have passed !
and there is no t a nid for subs .
and i have successfully moved on to the next sem .
hahaas .
sae hi to sem 1.2 and sent a big goodbye to sem 1.1 .
my live moved on just like the machine in the hospital .
its a heartbeat machine or something like that .
and i am the living one .
and my live is the beat .
there will be ups and downs .
onli different is how high or how much waves it causes .
and in my live the waves and things will nvr stop .
until the day i am lying in my coffin .
listening to the cries and feel the grief in the air .
den i will noe this heartbeat has stop and so are the waves in live .
a long and slow line .
representing peace at the end of my bumpy live .
oh and didnt do anything much todae .
but i realise that gossip girl season 2 will be shown on a weekly basis .
as in one episode per week .
and it is on every monday .
i super love them .
and ok i have watch the two episode and i still think it is verii good .
so yeah if you guys wann to watch it .
go to
and watch them .
so i am going to cook dinner le .
hope to see you guy when school reopen .
oh and i would so like to noe who is soooo going to retake any subject .
i will pray hard for wad i wann ,
and hope god can hear them and make them true .
devil and evil freaks get lost in my life ,

Friendster Icons

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

today juts finish work .
den ltr going to meet zizi
den going to yy to return book .
den after that go mummum .
hahaas .
nothin much to post .
but will think of something another day de .

Monday, September 8, 2008

ok so as promise i post pics le .
for pics stroll down to the previous post .
and i have to rmb to strike off some things from my wishlist
and add in a few things i wann recently .
ok .
so i was random and took a few pics during work .
den was chatting with my pri school friend .
before i was home i was forced to eat with mummy at bedok inter .
and OMG !
i am so fucking PISSED !
argh !
ok if you are my friend you will noe why .
but just in case you dunno .
i shall sae .
i do not like or enjoy or even wants to eat at hawker or even food court in shopping center .
and of course ppl sae and nag .,
but i dun care .
but i dun hate it just for the sake of hating .
i got my reason too .
ok now let miie list them .
point 1
it is veriii noisy and is filled with all kind of ppl .
point 2
it is veriii dirty and utensils are not washed properly .
point 3
the food quality is different . some are good . some are not even for dogs .
point 4
the attiude of the hawker suck for some . mostly the food are verii bad and i mean dog dun even want to eat the food .
point 5 (i realised it today )
you have to share table with stranger . normal ppl is ok . crazy and selfish and irritaing and ap ppl are not even close to normal .

ok so now you noe why .
so pls .
if you are going out with miie .
can we eat in proper places ?
thanks, if not just leave miie alone .