Saturday, February 28, 2009

todae i had a wonderful evening .
dine with not onli my parents .
i also dine with my grandpa and my godmummy and uncle and auntie .
hahaas .
my uncle is a person who is into all kind of business .
and he is verii sucessful .
i reali like him .
we are both in the same month but i was 3 days ltr .
but in another word .
he is older den miie by 37 yr and 3 days .
but he is a great dad .
i reali love him .
was reali happy cos the T700 is now mine !
hahaas .
is my birthday present though .
wahahaha .
good right ?
and guess wad it is like pink in color in a way .
like the metallic rose for ds lite ?
yaya .
will post pics of it .
once i have taken it of cos .
sooo excited for next week outing .
i will be going out with HB .
and yes i do mean with CAROL .
she is going with us to TOPONE .
not that singing k is not her thing .
but she reali rarely go out with us .
i can understand some part like here and there .
but ....
it is supoer duper goood to have her with us .
can take tons of pictures .
and can post .
can create more mem0ries with HB .
isnt it wonderful ?
to miie it is k .
so pray hard and cross our fingers .
that nothin will happen in between .

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ok i know sleeping early is a important thing .
but these few days .
or rather these few weeks .
i have been sleeping after 3 plus .
and ytd i slept at 6 .
wa the ....
den now i was awaken by the down pouring of cats and dogs .
lol .
suppose to be good day to sleep through .
but i cant fall asleep .
sooooo .....
den now my feeling is as down as can be .
can go emo and write some quotes .
lol .
hahaas .

ok so i am super into soompi forum now .
and i can sae .
hahaas .
it is fun .
but all the good-looking people stay in US .
and that sucks .
cos i am here .
trap in a place where it is smaller den a dot in the world map .
how sad can that be .
i wann to move to london or La or other places .
haiz .
sadded .
and edit pics .

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so now is a verii sad thing now .......
i am super stress out .
and i dunno wad to do now .
i can onli try to study and study .
tears drops are flowing down my cheeks
unknowingly i was crying .
and it kinda freaked miie out .
i dunno wad i shld do .
i dunno wad i shld study .
nothin can get inside my head .
no matter how hard i study i cant remember
i reali wann to die .
wad shld i do .
how ?
how ?
how ?

Monday, February 23, 2009

i just the the personality test or something like tat .
Disorder Rating
Paranoid: High
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

ok so proven i have paranoid disorder or something like tat .
hahaas .
and histrionic disorder .
dunno wad the hell is that .
hahaas .
but i seems like i dun trust ppl .
hahaas .
oh and just checked
histrionic means basically i am an attention seeker .
hahaas .
so it seems quite true huh .
lol .
so my blog is rotting like mad .
hahaas .
i know i know .
stop nagging .
even though i dont reali have a life .
but i am also quite busy la .
den is like i got tests .
so todae FNDB was kinda great?!
didnt reali know what to do la .
but kind of remembered some things that was taught in class .
though i hardly listen to wadever the teacher says .
hahaas .
i missed MY PHONE !
haiz .
but the person at most next week ba .
cos there is something about the parts or wad missing .
haiz .
i am so cursed .
dunno wad is happening .
things arent going the way i wann it to be .
haiz .
saw 'HIM's todae though .
totally chicken out .
the first one was ...
when i was waiting for HB .
den was sitting infront of sch's library .
"HE" came by and sat beside miie .
just to sae hi .
went super panicked when he came by .
was totally screaming in my head .
hahaas .
didnt get to miie too much .
cos too hungry
straving like mad .
den ate my breakfast and went for the tests .
den i finish the test and went to the washroom to find rol .
den we kinda sit outside the washroom there to chat .
den up came another "HE" .
totally freaked when i saw him .
turned and faced rol immediately .
and as wad told by rol he totally "looked" at miie .
and was super chicken .
cos i totally grab her and told her to run for it .
hahaas .
i know dumb as alwaes i am .
but wad to do .
when come to them i cant help it for the feelings .
and i told like as if it was a joke .
that todae was a reunion of ex's .
hahaas .
den after kinda went off to century .
blah blah blah .
ok den life goes on again .
and so there is a picture for the day .
which i totally promised to post .
and zozo is so gonna kill miie ?
hope not .
hahaas .
you reali look good when you smile .
so this is went i caught you on cam .
with a glam smile of yours darling .
love you .
dun hate miie k .
hahaas .

ok and i so i shall end here .
will post soon .

Thursday, February 19, 2009

hahaas .
this fri is main paper 1
haiz .
i spent ytd watching the whole drama of absolute boyfriend .
cried like mad .
my eyes gotten a bit swollen .
and it kind of ease of quite a bit todae .
but .....
i just now watch hana yori dango .
"boys over flower" .
and i cried AGAIN .
i seriously cant stand myself .
is like too emotional le .
haiz .
den i reali reali like my blog song now .
it is one of the song from hana yori dango .
the title is starlights tears .
and i realise the lyrics is rather meaningful .
but kind of in a verii bad english .
but you can understand wad it is trying to express .
and i reali reali like it .
i know my blog has been rotting .
i have to study for my tests .
and previously i was rushing through lots and lots of assignments .
so didnt post .
i will try to post more regularly .
so .....
ya .

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

must post now during OOPG .
haiz .
just got back the result for assignment and lab tests .
the grade are as follows .
Assignment : C+
Lab test 1 : C+
Lab test 2 : F

ok so how sad can it be ?
haiz .
den have to guarantee to score 50 marks and more during main .
den can assure a pass .
how sad is that man .
den is like the papers all start ard 2.30 in the afternoon .
onli one paper FNDB .
it start at 9.30 in the morning and it sucks .
haiz .
den nxt monday have to come back to school for briefing .
yupx .
briefing for the hainan trip .
i think they will tell us by then if we need to go have a injection not .
i seriously hate needles .
haiz .
sianz man .
den ltr must see can meet the supplier not .
cos tmr have to meet the customer at a verii far place .
and that sucks more den ever .
no choice man .
it is like super not my fault but i have to put myself through this .
haiz .
sianz like siao .
so have to sms her now .
so post til here le .
super tired now going to fall asleep le .

Saturday, February 7, 2009

hahaas .
spent ytd at kor kor's hse jamming .
it is so freaking cool .
rock band 2 ROCKS !
hahaas ,
i love it ,
i am so going to pimp tat mic .
hahaas .
and it will freaking blink and nice .
oh and i will be spenting todae in the coasta sand pasir ris ,.
and now cheryl is chioing her audition .
and ltr around 7 we will be going over to have a swim .
cos i dun like swimming when there is sun light .
so yupx .
den after tat todae's dinner will be mac .
and we will order mac a bit ltr .
den we can enjoy our meal .
and tmr will be celebrating ah gong b'dae .
den i think tat shld be all
hahaas .
lazy reali lazy to post pics .
am so freaking sorriie .