Tuesday, March 31, 2009

18 no longer 8

why do ppl alwaes wann to noe to the bottom .
i noe why .
but the truth is alwaes hurtful .
and by all means the deepest darkest truth .
sucker .
sucker sucker .
wad the hell wrong is with them .
i am 18 not 8 .
is like they still think i am too young to handle the truth .

Saturday, March 28, 2009

wish time can rewind

i just reach home
going to bathe now .
den will be going back le .
i am soooo tired .
i reali cant stand this kind of separation anymore .
i reali reali wish everything i return back to old times .
so i change my blog song to this song .
this song is called 回到过去
and it mean go back to the past .
i reali wish time can rewind and not let this happen .

Thursday, March 26, 2009

passing away is starting to feel like a trend

for the past few months
my friends relative have been passing away .
and now my uncle passed away .
i just woke up not long ago .
and was by a call from my mum .
she is at my uncle hse .
and she is crying .
she told miie that my uncle has just passed away .
i was so shocked to hear that .
so i think i wont have time to post le ba .
i will be going down after this .
i reali reali am not feeling good .
i hate losing LOVED-ONES .
i just HATE IT .
why do ppl have to leave ?
i dun understand .
can anyone tell miie .
i just cant understand .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

first jab experience

todae i had my first flu jab .
i never ever get a jab before going overseas .
but this time it is my first time .
and it is making miie feel a little tired .
i totally felt like slping .
but ....
i dunnno .
just feel a bit weird .
and i just cant sae how i feel .

Sunday, March 22, 2009

studying is left

i have finally finish doing the GC projects le .
den now i need to go briefly through cmaths .
so i got at least somethings in my head .
i am going to like not slp le la .
how how how /?
how How HOw HOW .
die le la .

last day to strive

i have to complete everything by todae .
and i haven even complete any of it .
this is like a headache to miie .
how ?
den is like i have do finish the report and proposal first .
cos the exams can try to learn everything .
try to rmb wad i have been taught .
but i got no faith in myself .
just pray and hope that i wouldnt need to retake .
pls bless miie .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

busy day

todae woke up about 11 .
and ate breakfast .
den after that daddy mummy went out .
they went to CGH to see the great grand ma .
cos she got heart attack and is now admitted to CGH .
ok so now i am currently doing my report .
i got no F'ing idea wad i am typing .
cos i have to state 3 points given .
first one introduction .
second one is coverage of the 4 respective areas
and for the second one has a and b .
so a is factual portion
and b is application/reflection portion
ok and last point conclusion .

ya and i am suppose to put my thought & feelings .
but it is suppose to be before the trip de feelings .
BUT ....
what can i put ?
introduction i still can anyhow describe the 'feelings'
den the second point leii ?
wad kind of coverage is for my thoughts and feelings ?
like how i regret for going ?
if i put what i reali thing .
confirm will fail de la .
is like so stupiid lorx .
den still have to do the stupiid proposal thingy .
sianz ar .
den is like i have to study for cmaths and dcnk .
is like wad the FFFFFuck la .
i am so Fucking bothered by all this .
is like WADTHEFUCK la .
the guide line given is like for trip report .
and now they want us to do pre-trip report .
i serioiusly think this is FUCKING stupiid .
and i seriously dunno why la
this is dumb !
dumb Dumb DUmb DUMb DUMB !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

time moves so fast

woke up ard 10 todae .
den watch galileo from 11 until now .
almost finishing .
also watch BOF .
but half way
cos got subb de still haven fully uploaded .
den now i still waiting for games to play .
sooooo sianz .
nothin much to post abt .
next mon and tues got supp .
sianz ar .
haiz .
boring plus boring .
will be changing url or smth like that soon .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

miserable life of mine (cooking day)

todae woke at quite early .
cos ytd i slp at 8 .
super early right .
dunno why head super pain .
so go slp lorx .
den todae cook a feast .
and timetable for supp come out le .
more sadded .
cos it will be on next mon and tues .
worst i nid hand in the pre trip thing by tmr i think ?
by mail of cos .
den is like maybe this weekend will be staying over at mummy's
still not confirm yet ,
plus this week dun have any more $$ to spent on .
ahhhh .
i am so broke .
and my life is a misery .

Sunday, March 15, 2009

have to strive harder

tonight have to slp reali early .
cos tmr i got a common test got GC .
GC = global citizenship / global citizen .
this is wad the cds for HAINAN trip is called .
haiz .
was somehow not as wad i expected ,
i thought we would be enjoying ourselves .
not go back to school to study during holidays !
haiz .
but who cares .
a short one month can complete one cds .
and provided that i pass .
if they fail miie i will cry .
i promise.,
hhahaas .

ok so wadever .
and cmaths i have no hope .
now trying to study for GC .
more torture and i feel so tormented .
how sad is this .
haiz .
but this week will be a busy week i think .
cos i got a lot of class test .
supp papers .
and dates
and outing with frenz .
haiz .
but it is good to keep yourselves planned for a full week right .
but this isnt good for miie as i am verii short in cash .
and i reali reali need a job .
i reali wann that camera sooooo badly .
when is that stupiid photoshoot ?
or maybe i shld just cut the ties .
stop dreaming about the camera and focus on studies .
how how ?
so confuse .
dunno wad i wann le la .
haiz .

more things has been added into the wish list .
so anyone who wants to get miie a present .
just get miie something from there .
i would prefer them den some cuddly bears etc .
hahaas .
done some editing to the posts format .
and yes will be putting a title to everything i post here .
it just feels like my post are story or chapters .
and i just named them like they reali are .

sleepless nights !

posting at late night hours again .
this year i have been slping at verii late hours ,
and this is not good for my health
how ?
i got no idea too .
last time i have to slp so much .
even though i still slp alot .
but i alwaes wake up in the afternoon .
and everytime my head hurts .
and is like hangover kind .
not every good i think .
later check up and realise i have a tumor .
*touch wood*
but todae went out to borrow books .
and mummy brought miie out to have dinner .
we went to ehub .
and eat the shop nearest to the entrance de.
the one besides newyork newyork de .
is it like steamboat plus BBQ .
den is like soulgarden la .
but it is way more expensive .
it is like we ate about $58 after gst and all .
and mummy thinks that the service not good .
actually is ok ok de la .
but ....
a lot of malays like to eat there i think ?
cos todae we go .
there is like more malays den chinses or other races .
and wad more paiseh is that ,
todae when i walk in .
i didnt noe there is a step .
and i trip over .
but i didnt fall just crash my feet on the ground like super loudly .
and everyone stared at miie .
i also so freaking paiseh la .
is like walao !!!
soooo .
i dun think i will go back that shop again .
oh and i bought my earpiece AGAIN .
yupx the whole thing pink de .
haiz .
this is the third one i bought le .
hahaas .
hope it can last longer den expected .
ok i going to watch shows le .
so ya .
post again .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

depression hits

ok yes .
i admit i got nothin better to do now .
i haven go to bed .
lie down and slp .
yet i am still surfing net .
hahaas .
wad to do ?
life start to feel a bit meaningless .
and i feel a bit numb of all this .
so ...
have to see wad will happen next .

i wish i can live in my own castle .
stay in my own fairytale .
i hate this reality .
this is wad i suddenly wrote .
while listening to my blog song .

in this world of mine
i feel safe and sound
no one can hurt miie
unless i let them
in this world of yours
i feel fear and pain
as you stab miie in the heart
even if i didnt allow
in this cruel world
i know my world doesnt exist
in this cruel world
onli your world exist
where everyone stabs you in the heart
and leave you wounded and hurt
in this world of mine
i wish your world doesnt exist .
i wish you could treat miie better
i wish i will no longer shed any tears for you
i wish i could be the one calling the shots
i wish i....
i wish ...
i pray ...
i hope ...
but ...
they have all failed miie
and show miie the cruel world
and also banished my world at the exact same point .

ok that is it .
a super long one .
but ....
inspired ?
i dunno .
just like a depression shot was given to miie
i suddenly had this feeling to write this .
originally from miie .
hahaas .
i sorriie .
this emo thing wont last .
maybe i will be better .
i hope so ......

Friday, March 13, 2009

a visit down to tiong baru

i am soooooo bored .
next monday got common test for GC .
and wad shld i bring and etc ?
haiz .
so troublesome .

lol .
todae had fun .
did stupiid thing .
i reali think we have a lot of common things .
sisters fereva .
hahaas .

and stop doing the licking thing la .
hahaas .
make miie so shy .
wahahaaas .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

result & hainan = frustration

ok so i got my result at about 14:21 .
this is when i received the sms .
and the result is SP .
meaning .
i have to take supp paper .
so the two supp paper i need take is
Cmaths 2 & DCNK .
ok .
so i am prepared .
have to go to ACM this friday .
when i have bloody revision lec for cmaths .
how bad can this be .
i maybe have to tell the teacher .
lol .

ok so i haven post a lot of things recently .
den is like i verii lazy .
plus not feeling well .
and no time .
nvr use com for like the past few days .
almost a week though .
knew rol de result le .
but haven know result for peng and zo .
cos zo thought no need to register again for the sms .
so i think she received result via email .
den i tell the peng to go read her mail .
and that stupiid girl not replying miie .
see sooooo pissed !
call her also nvr pick up .
den hang up my call some more .
see how bad she is .
lol .
den talk to her on msn also dun answer .
lol .
ok and the china thing seriously pissed miie off .
cos peng and rol dun wann go .
you can imagine how much fun we will not have while we could have .
so FUCK the both of them .
hahaas .
ok i know i am crazy .
cos i saw this on rol's post .

& when you girls go to hainan, we'll definitely miss you ):
Will you miss us too?

wad the !!!!!
miss us !!!!
we dun wann misses .
we wann to have fun and have the HB moment in china .
but becos of the best of them not going .
all this is just nothin more den a dream that nvr some true .
sad huh .
lol .

Friday, March 6, 2009

ok .
so i woke up this morning
and i realise .
there is a mosquito with white dots on its legs de .
i think they are those that cause dengue fever .
so now i am using the laptop in my kitchen .
lol .
ok so i went to sing k with HB .
and it is like so fun la .
there is too much pics to be uploaded
and i haven done editing them together .
i onli edit my self cam de first .
den now my photo shop got a bit prob le .
so i still putting them into one pics le
hahaas .
or you can go and read rol's blog .
she had all the details le .
i verii tired plus lazy to state all .
hahaas .
psps .
but i learned how to put fake eyelashes le
big thanks to zoelyn .
so ya ppl .

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ok it is 2.24 am
i still cant slp .
and i am supposed to meet HB at 1045am
at bugis
i dunno why .
i just cant fall asleep .
shit man .
this reali suck .
actually feeling half dead .
and the eyelids are heavy .
physically ready to slp .
but maybe mentally not .
so i post ,
den now listening to kelly clarkson's my life would suck without you .
lol .
maybe it does a little .
lol .
or maybe is the dreams these few days .
made miie scare to fall asleep and go through it again .
ok so recent;y i have been dreaming about "A".
den my ex best friend "J"
and i dunno why and cant figure out .
why would they appear in my dream
totally clueless .
will try verii hard to fall asleep de .
and both rol and peng nvr on phone
cannort call them just now .
scare they cannort wake up ltr .
haiz .

Monday, March 2, 2009

todae went out for a while .
and guess wad .
it rain ~
no suprise .
but i was totally drenched when i got home .
and todae saw yan when going home .
she kinda shocked miie .
den went to her hse to slack a little .
and den went home .
i borrowed 3 books from the library .
namely trainers v. tiaras
slinging the bling
and too cool for school .
all written by grace dent .
is a series of diary of a CHAV .
so ya .
will ahve to read le den can sae .
posting a few overdued!!!!
photos .
super overdued de .
but now randomly anyhow post .
ok so

funniest photo i can find .
have a good laugh ba .
rol dun hate miie .

our playground fun .
this is wad i missed .
the laughters .
one good picture that had capture all laughing face except miie .
no worries i alwaes laugh when i am around them .

after k when we were going home .
from katong
rol missed this session .
but we are going one this wed .

oh anyway .

lastly the most recent outing .
the expo study session .
hahaas .
so this wed we will take tons of pics .
hahaas .
love you .

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ok like i sae i will post pics of this new phone of mine .
hahaas .
so nice right .
totally love it .
went out just now .
and before that i took a few pics .
and i also took it before my christmas present .
stitch .
kor kor bought it for miiee .
love it .