Monday, June 29, 2009

our life's

HB to miie is like my other family .
i care for them .
and they are the listener for almost all my troubles .
i have to say they are the ones who have acc miie through my troubles .
sadness, happiness, angry, pissed off, fun, craziness and all .

i have almost a book full of memories and poems .
i wrote tons of my feelings and such .
so now i have to say they are the best .
love them .
different people different attitude .
we are like the whole world .
cos there is all different races and others .
so here it goes .
our journey of adventures start now .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

meaningless post

today is a rather boring and meaningless day .
just stayed at home watching shows .
and that is it .
tmr will be going out .
soooooooooooo .
ya .
that is it .

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P michael jackson

todae i have heard that michael jackson has died of heart attack .
may he rest in peace .

michael jackson
1958 - 2009
died of heart attack .
age : 50
married twice
3 kids

he will be a legend and alwaes remembered .
he invented the famous "moon walk"
and have lots of unique things about himself .
he was some what verii successful in his own career .
for all we know he built a wonderland for kids .
and is super rich .
makes himself worthy for people to call him a legend .

when hearing the news of michael jackson .
i was actually shocked !
didnt expected it .
this proven tat anyone can died at any moment .
and you will never know when it is your turn to leave .
but all i wann is to not have anyone leave miie for at least 20 yrs time .
i cant bear any more depart, goodbyes and separation .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i am dying !

ok i am a bit relieved as i have finish my psyco .
BUT not the presentation slides yet .
so counted half done ba .
but is believed that we can do it by tmr de .

anyway todae i reali got pissed off by DSAG .
onli hope for DSAG is to score reali well in the main paper .

if not i can fail this sub .
and suffer the same torture again next sem .
oh god this is damn tiring .
i am slowly dying .
it is like all these work is killing the brain cells in my brains .

i am soon going to be a retard or some stupiid ass .
cos i will have no brain cells left for miie to think .
think about anything or even no brain cells left .

percentage of brain cells left in my brain now is 10% .
den if i dun sleep any sooner to replenish the brain cells .
i will have not enough brain cells to work with tmr .
and i was thinkin real hard if there is anything needed to be done for jap .

so i have to go and sleep .
good night people .

to you: meet miie in my dreams k .
no overnight call todae .
super tired feel like dying le .
call again tmr k .
miss you .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sch is crazy

i had a new manicure done .
but not todae .
it is on monday .
but lazy to upload .

ok so now i am watching some drama shows .
and i have finish the psyco de quizzes .
like finally !
cos there is so much to be done .
and i still need to do the dsag .
which i haven even started .
i dun even know where to start with .
this is like a torture .

i never even paid attention to anythin in class .
and i lost the thumb drive .
where all the codes are all in it .
and i haven get anything else .
but i can try getting them from zo .
but i doubt she can send miie neither .
maybe just get it from her tmr .
and try to do in sch tmr .

tmr will be a tough day to go through
wish miie lucks .
and i am counting my blessin .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

start of sch

this week is the week that sch reopen
and we were suppose to get result this week de .
but is has seem to miie that we will be getting it next week .
haiz .

tons of assignments, quizes and one report to do .
withtin this week .
oh and not forgetting psyco .
haiz .

super tired .
ok gonna go bathe and contiune this misery le .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

overnight at cousin hse

ok so i am now at my cousin hse .
and was suppose to tutor her and such .
den is we had dinner earlier tgt with my mum's side de family .
it was a dinner at the community center at my ah gong hse there .
ok not so much near but nearby .
and the song singing there was horrible .
and the food was onli average .

the onli thing that is still counted as good is the lucky draw .
maybe we are that lucky .
both our table had won like one gift .
and the gifts are ...
*drum rolls*

a telephone set
a standing fan

exciting isnt it .

ok i was being sarcastic .
anyway i had just tutor finish my cousin .
and will be waking up pretty early tmr .
cos tmr need pray my great grand ma .
ok rather den tmr .
as i am posting past 12 midnight .
i shld just say ltr .

so end the post here ba .

Monday, June 15, 2009

a day at home

ok so i am going to blog my day at home .
today i woke up at abt 11 .
den went out to get my nails done .
ok so wasnt fully at home for the day .
but i onli went out to do my nails .
so after that i came back to like watch movie.
den i like rewatch star trek on computer .
not as great compare in cinema .
sooo .
ok anyway i rewatch wolverine .
it gave miie the urge to rewatch x-men .
so i rewatch x-men 1,2,3 .
den just when zizi was coimin over to find miie .
i was watching legally blonde 1 .
and i just finish watching legally blonde 2 and legally blondes .
so is almost like a movie day .
den tmr will be drama day i think ?
cos will be going to lin's hse .
den i think they havin drama marathon or smth like tat .

ok byebye .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

misse-d flash mob (lazy)

i am as lazy as can be .
cos actually i was supposed to go to orchard todae .
but ....
becos of my laziness i ps my frenz .
and yes we didnt just go there for shoppin .
we were going there for the SINGAPORE FIRST BLOGGER FLASH MOB .
it is like a super big event .
and cool of cos .

becos of my laziness i didnt make it for the flash mob .
plus maybe i dun think my PJs were suitable .
cos they are just a normal tank top and reali short shorts .
so i dun think it makes any diff .
and last of all i dun think i dance well .
it is just weird thinkin back .
ahhaas .
cos we were suppose to dance while listening to our mp3 .
of cos passer-by will think we have gone bonkers .
but it is just for fun .
i can imagine how much fun my frenz had .
too bad i missed it .
shit miie .
next time gotta be more effective and less lazy .
hahaas .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

drink drank drunk

to be exact ytd .
i went out with zozo and others .
and we had a weird outing .
first walk like madly weird of long road down to pasir ris park .
den i went crazy some ppl still remain normal .
and some went emo .
den after all back to regular .
den someone suggested to drink .
ok so we went to cheers to buy .
i bought long island .
and they bought 2 bottle of tiger and 1 bottle of CArslberg .
i think it is spelled this way .
but anyway ,
i was on an empty stomache for like THE whole day .
so i stop myself from drinkin .
like when i am like half done ?
and gulp down a bottle of green tea .
ok den went super crazy .
ok more like insane .
den we went back tryin to catch like the last of everything .
so we cab down to pasir ris inter .
and happily missed the last train .
den we took the last bus of 17 .
and when we were at pasir ris inter ,
somehow them being gd ppl .
or if i shld sae gentleman and caring .
they were like wanting to send us back .
ok so if they insist in sending zo home i got nothin to sae ,
but miie ?
is like they were sayin actually we were drunk or wadever .
which is we are so not drunk .
but they keep saying we are ,
ok so if we were we will not be both still online at this hr .
and i still can happily and so clear-headed to rmb everythin .
hahaas .

anyway so i reach home and forget to sms zozo .
cos i was talking to daddy mummy .
soooooo .
when we finish talking .
i was like take my phone and i saw 5 missed call and 3 sms ,
all from my dearest zozo .
i think she worried for quite a bit there .
hahaas .

psps .
and is like i can onli sae .
it is weird .
but ii kinda enjoyed this weird kind of fun ?

i dunno .
but at least i think i wont wann to drink with them .
cos they will like insist to send you back .
hahaas .

but this proof one thing i guess .
at least they are gentleman enough to think of tat .
not like some guys now .
super ultra inconsiderate .
ok i am just done complaining and blogging .
going to like slp soon .
ltr will be a tiring day i guess .

Monday, June 8, 2009

term break = spendin $$

going out to meet zi and hann le .
den will be going to do our nails .
den trip down to tm to eat sakae sushi .
i hope to go to T1 .
cos i wann get the skirt i reserved ,
red checkered skirt .
woohoo .
and maybe get a few top or so .
hahaas .
term break = spending $$ .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

slpin day

have been slpin for like the whole day .
i am still takin in the slimming down method .
hopin it helps .
todae morning wake up at abt 7 ?
den after when to pray for my great grandma .
den after tat when back to ah gong hse at abt 11 ?
den i slept for like 1 hr .
went home at abt 12 15 .
reach home not long after and feel verii tired .
so i laid on my bed and was reading my novel .
fell aslp at abt 1 plus two i think .
slp until abt 6 plus 7 den wake up .
ordered pizza hut .
just finish my dinner not long ago .

so i slp abt 6 to 7 hrs .
plus i didnt slp well last night .
and i am still feeling super tired .
i can still fall aslp now .
i am also having a bit of headache now .

tmr meeting zi and hann go do nails .
hahaas .
den eat sakae sushi .
wahahah .

Saturday, June 6, 2009

boring day

it is soooo boring todae .
dun reali know wad to give her as her birthday gift .
but am planning to bake a cake or smth for her .
so maybe see how first ba .
if can .
den i will take a pic of it .
hahaas .

so have been watching shows .
and also playing games for like the whole day .
so i have to sae todae the day was spent quite meaninglessly .
hahaas .

too bad life is like this de la .
even though it is still boring like mad .
i still blog about it .
cos i wann my blog to look like it is verii active .
even though nothin interesting is happening .
but i can guaranteed that nxt week .
it will be an exciting week .
so there shld be like tons of things to blog abt .
sooooooo .
that all for todae ba .
have to go research on cake recipes le .

Friday, June 5, 2009


todae is the start of term break .
becos i finish my last paper todae .
hahaas .
den is like i now haven eat dinner le .
maybe will be going down to buy food to eat .
todae when to the john little sales .
i bought two tops and two packets of facial cotton .

i now so sianz .

fading away

ok so it is now just past 12 .
so it is 5th june .
which my WWNK paper falls on .
and adding on to my not so good mood .
tmr is the day where my great grandma get burned into ashes .
and i was thinking if i shld go .

i feel so restless now .
last time term test seems to mean so much to miie .
but now .
in my mind it is just like nothin .
"fail fail lorx, still got course work ma "
this is wad that has been going through my mine .
and it has been there ever since term test week came .
i feel so shag .
i dunno wad to do .

just hope tat all these feelings go away with the exams .
and i shld be cheering cos tmr is the LAST paper .
i am glad to pull through til now .

but now i feel like no one understand miie .
i dunno why i feel tat way .
but i just felt tat .
and is like even i say out everything tat mean to miie .
it just makes miie feel like no one actually care or bothered anymore .
is like i am slowly fading away .
my life seem to be fading and fading .
its like if i was fading away .

last time i once mention that my life is black and white .
if any of you even rmb .
but now .
there isnt anymore black or white .
it is just blank .
no more colour anymore .
make miie feel like i can just die and fade away .
and no one will care and even notice tat i am no longer there .

i alwaes rmb when i was sick .
and was not able to make it to school .
none of my friends ever missed miie .
yet they just say tat it feel reali good for miie to not be there .
cos they can enjoy their peace and quiet .
so maybe the world is better off without miie ba .
maybe i am just extra .

i dunno .
my life is meaningless .
i feel tat i am useless .
it seems like no one care anymore .
its like the world is much better off without miie .

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to my blog

ytd's DSAG was disastrous .
but ....
ytd was a sooo called "lucky" day .
met e like twice in one day .
how "lucky" is that .

anyway tmr got OPSY .
1830 paper .
sooooo late .
sooooo sianz .
haiz .
shld be studyin now .
but no mood .
but will still study .
so ya .
read quite a few books recently .
soooo i have to like intro them .
cos some are reali gd books .

so look forward to the reviews ba .
oh becos of my great grandma passing away .
i forgot to upload video .
so i was going to upload the video .
but it is takin tooo long to be uploaded .
so i think i will upload another day ba .

anyway pics will be uploaded aft exam week .
tons of over-due-d pics .

will snap lots of pics during term break too .
soooo iw ill need to upload like tons of pics .
i hope blogger can have better uploader for pics .
is like one time onli can upload 5 pics .
super duper ultra slow .
shld be smth like can upload all at once .
those are the best .

ok and one verii IMPORTANT THING .
i just realise that todae !
6/3 marks 1 yr of blogging .
in this new blog that is .
hahaas .

thanks for letting miie vent my feelings here ,

Monday, June 1, 2009

once again someone is gone

why do i alwaes have to suffer from shock to news in the morning ?
this morning it was almost identical to the morning my uncle died .
i was also slpin and was shock by the news .
and i was still half asleep and half awake .

i think i have to get use to this kind of shock .
cos ....
if people keep passing away like this .
wad can i do ?

i mean i feel so helpless .

this time the deceased is my great grand mother .
even though she is alwaes naggy .
but she reali dotes us a lot .
thinkin tat now .
suddenly there is no one there to nag le .
it will all be peace and quiet le .

cant imagine her not yelling ard for my uncle .
cant imagine the hse empty as can be .

my heart is numb and not ready for all this .
i cant keep myself up anymore .
i wann to just lie down and not care about anythin .
do you even know how does it feel .
to have not yet recover from the first impact and now come the second .
this is soooooooooo heartbreakin .
in less den half a year i have lost 2 kins .
wad am i going to do ,
i think it has onli been months .
abt 2~3 mths onli .
this is just making miie feel so .......
i dunno how to sae .