Wednesday, July 29, 2009

fun = cramps .

i had soooo much fun ytd .
went swimming at sengkang swimming complex .
super fun .
love it .
hahaas .
there is always a but ....
i got one or two tone darker .
haiz .
damn it !

but thanks to HB . i had a happy mem0ries .
hahaas .

but i haven do my resume yet ,
and it is alreadiie 10 .
die le la .
plus i think is by todae must hand in leii .
how ?
haiz .
so maybe after bathing i will see if i can do .
den bring to school to print or wad .
and i am officially broke .

i suddenly rmb i going to do my nails ltr .
super broke this week .

todae morning i woke up realising i am having muscle cramps all over .
ahhhh .
super annoying .
and i still have the water in my ear .
more annoying .
argh !

wadever la
going to bathe le people .
ciao .

Monday, July 27, 2009

suspecting myself

i keep thinkin if i was able to do it
but now when there is a chance for miie to try .
i suddenly feel like i am going to chicken out .

so troubled by this ..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

project gives miie headache

i have to do the psyco presentation by todae .
have to hand in by tmr .
and thanks to my group mates .
they have finish the proposal thingy le .
so left the presentation slides .
and i am having a serious headache now .

i am not giving excuses .
but i am afriad i might have that .
cos i am not feelin verii well .
die die .

so i will try my verii best .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

solar eclipse

todae didnt see any eclipse at all .
cos is like raining for the whole morning .
den is like i can onli say todae is a gd day to slp .
slpt through and was almost late .
and quite bad luck .

cos i saw "him"
and as peng has said e saw miie too .
so todae was like super weird .
hahaas .

saw "him" todae and my heart throb again .
die die .
i just cant change my character to be more faithful .
haiz .
i am dead meat le la .

so off i go le

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

super tired .

haiz .
i reali dunno wad happen to miie .
but i am sooo freaking tired .
just wann to go and slp .
but tmr got cmsk presentation .
den haven read sooooo .
cannort slp .

Monday, July 20, 2009

tooo busy

a lot of things to be posted .
but because i am going over to malaysia .
soooo resulting tat i cant post any thing .
sooooo .
will post when i am back .

i hope things go well .
and i hope i can reali settle down this time .

i just hope i can stop thinkin so much .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

headache . unfinished work !

ok i am having a serious headache .
and guess wad i didnt finish my script .
and worst i doubt my group has finish .
cos i have to say .
it wasnt so easy as we thought it would be .
i have feeling verii sick now .
have to slp soon i guess .

but it is still so early .
hate sch work .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

verii tiring . dunno why .

today after school went to century square .
we went to watch obsessed .
but before that we went to eat at billy bombers .
and we were so stuffed !
can hardly finish them .
but they are still delicious .

ok back to the movie .
the movie is a verii sick and psyco one .
cos right the brief story of the movie ,
is about this girl who is a stalker .
and a verii crazy one .
tryin to break up the family .
and she is crazy ,
guys shld watch this show .
and beware this kind of woman .

so i think that is about all for todae .
and anyway i slpt through from 4 -9
and i am still feeling slpy .
i still can slp through the night .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


feeling quite sleepy now .
dunno why .
but i think i will sleep early .
recently dunno why like not getting enough slp .
but i still slp at the normal timing i slp .
and wake up at the normal timing too .
but i feeling damn restless .

haiz .
dunno wad is wrong with miie .
i reali wann to find someone to settle down .
but ....
i still cant find that guy .
so is there a reali mr.right for miie ?
or i am just not destined to have a steady relationship .
this is making miie verii tired too .
and maybe this is why i feel so sleepy and tired ?

there was once a person told miie .
when you see THE right one .
you will noe it .
but now .
all i can sae is even if i see him .
i dun think i noe is him .

or he just didnt seem to be on this world .
cos i still dunno it yet .

Monday, July 13, 2009

defination of settled down

i dun understand .
cos i have nvr reali settled down .
so who can tell miie the true meaning ?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

dead beat .

just reach home .
slpet for onli 5 hrs ytd .
and had a hell of a day for todae .
gaming eating playin like mad .
and lots of other activity .
like cooking .
helping out .
etc etc .
reali like the acc of family .
just make miie feel so right .
going to slp soon .
anyway i wrote this ytd .
middle of the night, when i suddenly thought of you .

becos of you i wann to put a smile on my face .
becos of you tears drops fall like a running tap .
becos of you i feel confuse and troubled .
not a gd emotion to feel .
but who cares .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

catching up is gd, busy

ytd i went to sch at 11 .
cos somehow psyco was cancelled due the LOA given to the teachers .
but yet jap still contiune-d .
so after jap i went to the bus stop to wait for vonne and jess .
it was raining damn heavily and there was so many people .
crowded like packed sardines .

after a while they came,
we waited for the bus and arrived at bedok inter .
we went over to watson to buy stuffs and to NTUC to buy drinks and snacks .
so after that i went to buy MCchicken meal .
we went up to cash studios .

review : cash studios .
was actually average .
songs doesnt seems to be very updated .
sound system : average .
serivce : so-so .
charge : reasonable .
one thing gd, you can bring yr own food and drinks .
BUT alcoholic drinks will be charged i think .

so we went crazy like mad during k session .
meixin came and join us at abt 5 40 ?
den we ended at 6 .
took bus 9A to simpang bedok to eat .
while eating we done lots of catchin up .
laugh like mad .
there was lameness, craziness, laughters and gossips ?
hahaas .
just lots and lots of catching up was done .

after we were done,
jess went home,
miie meixin and vonne we went to bedok mac .
cos meixin need teach vonne her school work .
while teachin we done some little catching up .
hahaas .
and i ask-ed meixin for advice about "him" ,
now i can onli say i dunno wad to do .
but all the decision is up to miie .

anyway todae is a verii busy day .
i will have to go to ah ma hse to teach cheryl maths .
den after that i will come home to eat dinner with daddy mummy .
den after that at night i need go over godmummy hse .
cos need help her do preperation of tmr's party .

so that is all le .
byebye .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i cried .

todae i cried .
becos of somethings .
i just hope tmr is a better day .

nothin more to post .
just finish opsy .
so i going to slp now .
tmr still got jap .

that all .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ready to settle down

life is normal .
but all the crushes is flowing through my mine .
too many .
hahaas .
flings countless .
stead a few .
unforgettable love one and only one .
guys i cant get tons upon tons .
hahaas .

now i have to say i reali wann to settle down .
never in my life i wanted to settle down so eagerly .
maybe because i haven had a real relationship
for wad seems like a thousand yrs to miie .
hahaas .
yes yes .
have a good laugh and say miie ba .

yes i just cant stay single too long .
and that is miie .
i dun even know wad is wrong with miie .
haiz .
disappointed in miie .
but i recently like-d a few guys .
they make miie feel like .
i shld reali get a guy to settle down with .
this is actually quite pathetic isnt it .
haiz .

Monday, July 6, 2009

love is so confusing

just created a wordpress to write abt my own story.
so i started to post the first post .
now i wont say or let anyone know abt the link yet .
cos i haven reali get it right yet .

so when i am ready i will tell de .

todae is such a not so gd day .
saw hann, zuer, samuel & HIM.
so now i also dunno leii .
i was talkin abt the guy that is attached.
but now i have 3 guys in mind .
one is E, HIM and the guy that is attached .
i am sooooo confuse now .
i dunno wad the hell is going on with miie .
i dunno who i reali like .
who is the one that i LOVE ?

haiz .
love is so confusing

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i am yours

you are the one that can make miie smile .

i was walking on the streets,
thinkin abt wad you sae to miie .
suddenly thunder roars,
lighting flash across the sky .
the sky is turning dark,
a droplet land on my hand .
i started to wonder,
was it rain or tears ?

when i touched my face,
i realised it is filled with tears .
tears that are dropping because of you .
that is when i want to walk in the rain .
without any shelter,
cause i dun wann people to knwo that i am crying .
that is the only time when tear and rain cannort be tell apart of .

you control my feelings now .
you make miie cry
you make miie laugh
you make miie pissed off
you make miie fall in love .
you make miie fall out of love .
you gave miie all kinds of emotions .

i just hope you can be there for miie .
i just hope you can stay by my side .

i love you ,
i miss you too .

Thursday, July 2, 2009


that is the yr different between us .
it is just not wad i wanted .
i wann fun young freedom sweet warm .
i wann smth stable now .
i reali wann to be steady with someone .

so i dunno how le .
can you tell miie ?

a long and steady relationship is all i wann .
and i think i am mature enough for that .

i think and i hope i am .
so pls my mr. right
pls be there for miie .
pls love miie for who i am .

and for all that favours ask .
i will love you back as much .
i will last long with you .

that is all i am askin for .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

photos are deceiving

so tired now .
failed my two term test paper .
and now i left with OPSY .
i think i wont fail that ba .
hopefully .
and i reali dun understand guys .

i alwaes say pics are deceiving .
haiz .
facts to be told :
not even close to pretty .
bad attitudes .

so people dun be deceive by the pics .