Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dunno how many days it has been ever since i last post .
but i dun understand why i always blog during MSYD class .

hahaas .
maybe too boring i guess .
or i just dun feel like doing .
lazy miie .

never ever going to change away this bad habit i guess .
not impossible but too lazy to bother .

later got interview for SWEN .
and up til now this timing i have no idea wad to asked .

so how ?
die ?
just have to take it step by step .
and see how it goes .

just read through a few blogs and realise smth .
everyone change ever since everyone are departed from each other .

life moves on so no point looking bad .
what happened had happen .
all we can do is to look forward and pray for the best in future .

anyway going to remove my nails soon i think .
next week then remove ba .
need to spent another big amt on nails .

haiz .
remove le den do normal thing for cny ba .

planning to restock my makeup once i get my pay this month .
and to wad i have known HO CAROL is going to acc miie .

den need to buy cny de clothes .
no ideas in buying wad type .
shld i buy smth girly?
lady ?
manly ?

dunno .
go elegant, mature ?
wild, crazy ?
childish, girly ?

no ideas yet .
dun care le la .

dunno wad else to blog abt le .
going to update my wishlists .
den will try and attempt to do MSYD lab de .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

boring school day

once again i am here again
i need to complain how boring is school .
ESP MSYD class .

but one thing gd abt that is the teacher .
he quite ok la .
but today totally no mood to entertain him .

just feel rather moody .
haiz .
what to do leii .
haiz .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

complaining again

It has been like dunno how long ever since i last blog .
shld be not a week long ba .
hahaas .

now in SWEN class,
not boring but super headache .
one main reason is because i seriously dunno how to do SRS .

but second reason is the members .
first off is the "a"
he is seriously pissing miie off .
one way or another he is so irritating .
even when he come to school is still like he is MIA .
cos he is just too freaking SELF-CENTERED .
when he is not there for the group i help
the un-decisive group with making the final decision .

next is "b"
THE LEADER of the group !
but he cant make any decision .
lack of self confidence .
but is smart so makes him better den "a" .
gives crap ideas things that are totally irrelevant .

as for "c"
cant make decision too .
but hardworking, willing to volunteer and give in gd ideas .

and last but not least "d" .
she is like "THE BEST" as if.....
i hate talking to her .
practically ignore her every possible second .
whenever she attempt to talk to miie i will just ignore her .

anyway done complaining le .
here is my schedule for the next few days .

Thursday 21/1/10:
1-4 MSYD (presentation for report)

Friday 22/1/10:
1-3 nail appt at boonlay/jurong west
4-10 work

Saturday 23/1/10:
4-10 work

Sunday 24/1/10:
2-5 study for SWEN written test .
6-8 dinner w/ family

Monday 25/1/10:
10-1: EBM lab
1-2: lunch w/ HB
2-4: Written Test for SWEN
4-6: SWEN lab

Tuesday 26/1/10:
1-4: MSYD lab
4-6: SWEN lab

Wednesday 27/1/10:
3-5: SWEN lab

that is about it i guess
so busy busy .
will be blogging if i have smth to blog abt .
complain abt .
hahaas .

if not my life is just plain old school & work .
nothing much .
but will update more frequent on twitter ,
less on blog .
cos not much to blog abt .
unless i feel like .

ciao people left with 40 mins before school end .
and i haven start on my SRS .
haiz .
off to do SRS le .

Thursday, January 14, 2010

irregular blogging

haven been blogging regularly .
such a failure .
haiz .

supa boring in school .
but wad to do .
have to come .
supa broke to go see doctor le .
therefore have to tolerate all this .

just tolerate one yr and a few more mths .
den i will be graduating .
hopefully i dun fail any subjects .

dun wish to stay for one more sem .
JIAYOU to miie .

anyway brief updates :
bought like 4 more OPI nail color
namely .
H19 passion
B24 Blue my mind
B30 Purple with a purpose
C89 chocolate moose

supposing getting the B27 dominant jeans de .
but out of stock .
so hopefully i can get them real soon .
hahaas .

need them urgently .
going to get more color .
hahahahahaha .

so people interested in getting OPI nail color at less than $11 let miie know .
the more i order the more it is cheaper .
just let miie the code number of the nail polish and the nail of it .

den i will go and search if they have the color or not .
and then reply to you asap .

so those who are interested in purchasing email miie at bluegirlgirl@hotmail.com
please put yr subject as OPI nail polish . thanks .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

emotional day/helpful day

today woke up late .
the OPI nail polish like arrived alreadiie .
like less than one day man .
so super duper fast la .

den was like damn freaking happy .
after i went out i realise i forget to bring my wallet .
so went home to get my wallet
and realise mummy broke one of my newly bought OPI nail polish .
was damn pissed la !!!!
den ok wadever .

so i walk to the usual bus stop to take bus .
but on my way there, i saw a old uncle in a not so gd position .
he fell and there is onli one maid trying to get him up .
but no one else was there to help .

so the kindness in miie reacted .
i went over to help .
and so did another aunty who has her child there .
we tried to get him up .
but he held on to the railing beside him so tightly .
that we would hardly get him up .

the way he tremble make miie feel like crying .
for god gracious, why would no one help .
and it just seem so wrong for an old man to tremble in a manner like that .

so we hold his crutches up and try to get him up .
we keep telling him to keep himself relax .
so that we can shift him to a position that we can get him up .

after like a few minutes,
he relax and we shifted him to a sitting position .
for god gracious i put his slippers on for him !!!!
can you believed it ?

hahaas .
so after we got him up .
his whole body was red and still shivering .
but he was like in a rush .
so he then walk off .
and everyone else went off too .

now i am sitting in class blogging this out .
this is also what i think i learn about .

therefore i do not believe in the video that happened at the countdown party .

and i feel so stress now .
i need zoelyn now !!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

change change change

recently he has changed .
i can onli say i cant help it anymore

i cant stop liking him
wad to do ?

who can help miie .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i wann to be in love

been rewatching some old drama .
and now i am rewatchin a korean drama .
super sweet .
make miie cry, laugh and wann to fall in love .

i will like go "Awww~~~~ so sweet~~"
or *sniff sniff*
or "ahahahahaha"

maybe becos i am still young .
so my heart cant settle down .
i am trying to make myself settle down with someone .
but i cant .
cos none of them i reali like .

and those i reali like cant settle down with miie .
2 reason .
first, they are not interested , so we never get to start .
second, they break up with miie not long after .

so how can i settle ?
haiz .

i wann to fall in love with someone .
and tat someone to love miie like crazy .
be crazy for miie like i do for him .

when will this person appear .
or when will this person be known in my eyes ?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

best night of 2009

31/12 is the best night i ever had .

that night i talk to him .
we talk .
the way we talk sound like a couple .

the words he reply miie .
the tone he speaks in makes miie tremble .
i feel so blessed .

the way he dun wann miie to be worry .
the looks on him being stubborn .
the things he say out .

makes miie weak .

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year ! 2010 !

today is the first day of the new year .
2010 .
the year of OX ,

hope in the new year we can have a new start .