Monday, April 26, 2010

Projects RUSH !

this week is verii havoc .
it is a BIG FAT CHAOS for miie .

have to get the scope done .
den also a case study need to be hand in on 30/4 9am .
on 30/4 i also have NAFA test .
how sick is that ,

hate this school life .
senior school life is worst den freshie yr .
ARGH !!!

hope to go for MP/SIP soon .
like now if possible .

anyway personal life updates .
still sweet with him .
but a few huge arguments .
but we are doing fine now .

and i am watching knight rider now .
season one .
not the Channel 5 version de .
due to wad my hubby say .
the Channel 5 version is a remake version ?
but i am watching the orignal one .
super nice .
going to finish season one le .
but no tracks of a season two .

hope there is .
den i can continue to watch .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

puffy eyes

today i went to meet hubby after i ate lunch .

den acc hubby and saw a debate happen .
it is cool i feel .
and learnt how to play bridge today .
oh and play monopoly in cards .
quite cool lorx .

den had a argument with hubby .
and yupx ...
i cried .
and tat wasnt the worst .
worst of all is after all tat crying my eyes are puffy now .

going to apply eye mask to bed .
must get rid of the puffiness .
but we are alright now .
the storm have past and the sea is calm now .

he must have fallen asleep again .
so here i wann to say to my sleepin hubby .

i love you and i hope you know tat .
i say it becos i mean it .
so i hope you say it like you mean it too .

Monday, April 19, 2010

First day of 3.1

hahaas .
first day of being a senior SUCK !!!
first off is lecture .
lecture suck as usual .

NOW is lab .
and welcome to my class .
where lots of diff dip is combine in my lab .
hahaas .

so congrats miie .
and hopefully i get into a group well .
haiz .
sch is always a misery to miie .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my life

ok so i cant a proper topic or heading for this post .
so anyhow put hahaas .

basically for those who dunno .
i am happily attached to Mr. Luah Yi Cheng .
yes the same age as miie .
study in the same poly diff sch same year .
we are both seniors when sch start .
sounds old but wadever .

this mean hell for miie .
and all the hope when sch start is the breaks .
where i can meet my hubby or HB .
best i can meet them all tgt .
hahaas .

and verii happening to some of you .
the shocking news .
he has already met my parents .
or to say part of my family le .
saw a quarter of my cousins .
ah gong and my aunties and uncles .
most importantly my mum and dad .

NO objections but lots of curiousity .
cos he is the first and hopefully nothin happen the last .
that i am bringing to show them .

haiz .
sch sucks anyway .
oh and i have join Boy Bridgate(BB) for CCA .
hahaas .
cos hubby is in it .
more time spent tgt .

sch schedule is giving miie lots of headache so who cares la .
struggle through and try to score better !!!
aiming for a higher GPA !!!

lastly a shoutout to end my post .

Love to those who cares and love miie .
esp to Hubby and HB and Parents .
hubby because he love miie so and i love him more .
HB because they always seems there for miie through any probs .
Parents because they tolerates miie for wad i am .

LOVE you people !!!
Always be there for miie k .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Movie outing

todae went to hubby's .
we clean debbie and hubby de blanket .

hahaas .
and i just saw debbie's original color .
love her color .
hahaas .

den after tat rest at his hse .
we den went off to take the tickets for the movie .
ask feiyan to tag along .

so after which we just proceed to the cinema .
Show Start .
during~~~ show .
hubby eat 1 and a half packet of popcorn .
drank almost 3 can of coke .
hahaas .

but the show not good .
cos ending sucks .

today is sooo sweet for miie .
because i feel like hubby and i is so much closer .
dunno why .
but i reali have to say .
the love i have for him is no longer words can describe le .


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sch reopening

next monday sch reopen le .
but the timetable isnt out yet .
argh !

wann to know if i can be in same class as HB .
miss having them in class .
miss our girls time .

the fact is i just dun wann to be alone in class anymore .
so please hear miie .
and grant my wishes .

anyway met mummy for lunch cum dinner .
den after tat met hubby .
from there we came over to my house .

spent our time at my hse .
after so i send hubby go take bus .
i went home to watch tv ....

nothin else to do .
will take more sweet loving pics with him as requested .
so await k .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad weather

recently the weather is super duper bad .
and i dunno why .
i am having flu .

anyway going down to hubby's now .
shall think of things to blog again .
just so everyone knows .

miie and hubby is still sweet and lovey dovey .
sorriie for not updating .
too lazy .
too many things wann to blog .
dunno where to start .

so here is a picture of miie and hubby .
taken a few days ago .

anyway HB if possible once read this blog post .
send miie a sms .
things to ask you girls .

love love to HB and Hubby !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

moody week

this week lots of people getting moody .
miie, my hubby, my parents .

haiz ,
but all because of bad mood .

love hubby .
cos he always so caring for miie .

even willing to paint a sky of stars for miie .

a non romantic guy trying to be romantic .
is touching and duper adorable .

planning for our breakfast tmr .
sweet morning breakfast for the uber duper lovey dovey couple .

will take pics and post it on the blog de .

romantic starry night

i am talking to darling on the phone .
and he just hang up on miie .

after saying such romantic things .
he hanged up on miie .

he has been moody this few days .
hope he is better .

love him lots

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 month and counting on

it is mark 1 month .
since he ask and i agreed .
but hubby say to be exact is 4pm .

so i will say it to him again at 4pm later .
hahaas .

will den blog abt it later .

so i am anticipating the coming of the day to come .
tat night would slip away .
hahaas .