Sunday, July 18, 2010

To Luah Yi Cheng

i love you .
and this post is just for you .

this is how i feel wor .
this is for you k .
giving you some security sense .
love you baby .
awaiting for you to come back .
will start counting down the days k .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

i am such a idiot la .
i told myself to rmb to blog about things happening at work .
but i keep forgetting .
if not no mood .

haiz .
but i miss hubby .
i am going to spent my first weekend without him .
it just feel so weird .

like there is something missing .
but in this case obviously is someone .
and that someone is now in mymmar yangon .
i miss you my baby .

come back soon k .
awaiting you to come back and make my heart a whole again .
without you .
it seem to be pumping slower everyday .
breathing seems to be difficult too .

onli be able to fall asleep after listening to your voice every night .
and no i am NOT sick of it at all .
so come back and let miie hughug .

i love you my sweet little handsome baby .

Monday, July 12, 2010


never felt so lonely,
he flew off at ard 1430 .
and after that i got no news at all from him .

what can i do ?
what should i do ?

just cried after listening to the record from him .
how am i going survive ?
i wonder and question .

but i believe my will will pull miie through eventually .

i love you hubby !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

working life

ok so i have enter the official working lifestyle of fulltime .
meaning i have been working from 9-6 monday to friday .
and 9-1 a galh day for saturday .

previously i had support from friends and family and hubby .
but now that 12/7 is coming .
i am going to have to bid farewell to hubby for like 1 and a half months .
which i will miss him like crazy i promise .

this mean no one for miie to wake up .
no one offering to accompany to work .
no one waiting for miie to eat dinner together .

i have spent this 1 and a half months alone .
gladly that i do not have time to go out .
i most likely to be slping all my days off .
or slack at home .

and friends have been booking my slots .
so that i dun feel alone .
it is always good to know that they are there .

so lastly
i am going off to hubby's house nw .
to pei him .
and will be sending him off tmr ba .