Friday, December 31, 2010

is this "the end"????

i just had a very BIG argument with baby.
or shld i still address him in this name ?

i dunno .
it ended up with him not wanting to talk to miie le .

when you ask miie to make a choice .
i cant cos they are friends for life .
i always chose my friends .
cos they are ALWAYS there .
i cant neglect that .

when i get upset with you,
or everytime we argue
they are my only resort to run to .

if you wann miie to chose it would only make miie difficult .
because i dunno when you will be like today ?

you cant give miie a promise for life .
because deep down you also doubt if you wann to .

i dunno wad else to do .
now at this moment i have no one to turn to .

i just wann to say to you .
if you are even reading this or not .

just know that til now this moment i still love you .

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last week of MP

we are almost there people .
last week to chiong for our MP le .
and the rest will be fate le .

the brightness is just right ahead .
those darkness would not catch up with us .

after this ...
everything will be behind le .

saw rolrol post on fb .
"Can't wait to meet Qianhui Lee Zoelyn Loh Supeng Tan tomorrow cause it will be HB's last day together in school. :("
-- ho carol

my eyes became teary immediately .
for no reason....
ok i lied .
there is a reason .
i think deep down i know that we love each other so much .

we have been through and it feel sad ...
it is like saying goodbye .
like i know smth is coming to an end .
and that makes miie sad .

sisters for life though .
i hope HB is friends and sisters for life .

cant picture wad will happen in future .
but i hope it come with the formula for HB's craziness, fun and HTH talk .

feeling a bit down while doing my report .
tmr will be a draft presentation for our supervisor .
den on thursday morning will be the official one .

everything end on THURSDAY .
lets just pull through !!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Driving myself crazy

MP is ending ....
i want to pass .
but it is so difficult to do so .

because here i am waiting for my group member to sent miie her part of the report .
where she did not tell miie which part she will be doing .
and leaving miie lost after editing of the whole of 1.Introduction

i am going to do whichever part .
no matter wad .
i am just fucking pissed off now .
in a super foul mood .

the next time i be blogging should be after next thursday .
wish miie luck .
i will be needing all i can get .
oh and

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MP is ending soon!!!!

ok so my MP is going to end in exactly two weeks from now .
den now all i can do is my best .

btw i am dl-ing little big planet for PSP .
so waiting .....
den watching a HKG drama .

oh oh oh .
and i just participate in the
"Nuffnang – Kanebo Freshel’s Blogging Contest"
if you guys are interested to participate too .
Click here

love to try Kanebo's BB cream !!!

hahaas .
anyway just suddenly got the urge to blog but dunno wad to blog on .
hahaas .

lost of words i guess .
cos all brain juice need to be concentrated on the coding and report for MP .
sorry peeps .

i promise to blog more regularly after MP .
but i would need to say .
after MP i am going to look for a job .
first to pay off the school fees to my mum .

after that i am going buy pressiz for myself .
maybe will ask HB to go for shopping spree .
hahaas .

btw i missed the flea market at st.James this afternoon .
this is because i woke up at 1 plus by my mummy .
so pretty bad mood i should say .

so really dunno wad else i could blabber here le .
nights peeps .
love !!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

hang in there

hi everyone .
today i went to SGH .
dun be worry it is not miie who need to see doctor .
it was my baby .

but everything is fine .
so i am here doing my final report and going utter crazy .
haiz .
but hang in there everyone .
it is just two more weeks to go le .
chiong for the final rush le .

we can do it de .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

friends forever so does my baby

today is so fun for this stressful period of MP .
at this end of the weekend it marks the end of week 7 for our MP
meaning we are officially left with 3 weeks to complete all our project, reports, meeting minutes and journals .

so i'm going to mention as HB has not been laughing tgt like that .
we have jokes but not like wad we have today for quite some time .

i reali missed all of this crazy moments we might regret or joke about .
but one thing i would know is that i would regret more if i didnt have these moments with HB .
so i just want HB to know they are the best friends i can reali have ,
reliable as can be and be there for miie through laughters and tears ,

lets us just create more memories like these k ?
end this part with this

now another person i would want to last long is this guy who has been there for miie ever since we know each other .
cute as can be .
he recently turn darker .

so i have to say he is the sweetest one ever .
best of all he cares a lot and now we have trust that i hope will grow stronger and stronger ,
i will be verii blissful if it werent for the MP .
haiz .
i have 3 weeks to get all things done .
which seems like mission impossible !!!!
who can be there to help miie ?

but i still love my beloved HB and my dearest baby !!!
lets all last long k .
friends forever !!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


recently has been busy and stressful
as first of all MP .
den next would be my life .

MP is busy as can be .
den i had attend two wedding in two weeks .
each on saturday of the different weeks .

i have photos to post .
but dun feel like doing it .
too lazy !!!

anyway i dun understand wad is the trend for changing profile pics to cartoon pics .
soooo .....
people are crazy !!!