Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zara work day 2

Oh god !!!!
No one can expect wad I am experiencing now .
So I am going to use the left over 20mins to blog about work .

Ok those people who think fashion retail is slack, you obviously have not worked in the orchard area ones .(dun wish to name out any company)
Because the work is chaotic .
Running up and down all day .
Tired like shit .

After one day of work my whole body is aching like there is no hell .
Plus backbone is like going to break .
Ok la . Maybe will get use to it .

Hopefully everything would be better after this week .
*cross fingers*

Ok got to make a move le .
Have to go back to work le .
Might be tweeting or blogging during dinner ba .
Ciao peeps .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

from jobless -> got a job

a few days ago i was still complaining .
i was jobless and such .
so ytd i went to the interview for ZARA .
waited for quite long .
busy day for the interviewer .

so after the interview i went to meet baby .
we went to take bus back to bedok .
ate our lunch at pizza hut .
but in the mid .
baby got a call from CMPB .
asking him to travel down for a letter or some sort .
so my poor baby got to travel down all the way from bedok to bukit merah .

as for miie i met up with mummy at NTUC .
we went to shop for a few things to cook for dinner .
and after so we meet with daddy and took a bus home .

while mummy was preparing dinner .
i received a call from ZARA HR .
informing miie that i have been hired .
so i would have to go down tmr again .
to sign an appointment letter i think .
i have been appointed to somerset 313's outlet .

in any case .
i am not hired for some big position .
just a small sales assistant .
but better den nothin right .

plus i am lacking of $$ to spent .
but i think i would have lesser to time to spent $$ le .
so i would be able to save more $$ i hope .

restriction for online shopping .
so wish miie luck in my new job ba .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan's misfortune

As everyone know .
Japan is now all over on the news .
Worldwide phenomenon .
Earthquake in Japan has cause tsunami .
nuclear plant exploded upon the earthquake .
and not only did the earthquake occur once .
it occurs again a few days later .
so did the nuclear plant exploded a few times .
being unstable .

when i heard upon wad had happen .
i was kind shock .
because no one can expect that .
two natural disaster can hit the same place twice in one day .
and causing the explosion of the nuclear plant emitting tons of radiation .
most of the Japanese in the affected area are all being scan if they are affected by radiation .

Now the aftermath is that most of the people are either missing, injured or dead .
how can such thing happen .
some questions come to mind .
is doomsday reali coming ?
can it be stop ?

but out of all this .
i hope Japan would be able to strive through this hard time .
i hope those who are able to help to donate .
please donate .
if not there is another way .
view the video below .
if this video gets 1 million hit $1000 would be donated to Japan .

if you are not able to view here .
please click on the link below .
Delicate Cherry Blossom (Michelle Phan)

Please help out people !!!
This is the time where humanity should prove that we are worth living and saving .

Peace out !!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

tired ! (Geo Lens)

i am so tired these few days due to "P" .
and i have been slping more den expected .

so now i am at home washing the bedsheets .
deciding on wad to eat for lunch .
cos my baby went for his checkup at SGH .
so maybe will meetup for dinner .

but i am totally like clueless on wad i shld have for lunch .
and i thought anyway my blog is like rotting .
why not put this lame and rather thought on my blog .

so i am now currently watching tons of series .
Currently the "Dirty Sexy Money"
so i was browsing through and i realise .
most of the good shows i have either completed them .
or is at their latest episode .
and the rate they are going is soooo freaking slow .

i need new and nice show .
i go on variety on US series, TW series and even HK series .
just recommend miie something nice please .
thanks peeps for listening .

i might go down and get my self some canned food ?
still not settled on wad to have for lunch .
ciao peeps .

On the side note .
i am getting geo lens .
so anyone who wann to order tgt can let miie know .

Sunday, March 6, 2011

i miss HB

i miss them sooo much .
it has been so long since i last saw them .
sms wise ....
maybe one or two days ?
as we are actually planning to meet on tue .
plus i am doing my resume now for the job .

yes yes .
i finally call one of the contacts given .
but they require miie to give them my resume .
which i got no idea where it is at this moment .
so i got two ways to solve this prob .
first i go and find it do the editing and send .
second i find a template online and do it and send .
but i dunno which one is faster ?
in the sense like i think i am going to send it tmr anyway .
cos today is a non working day .
why bother people when they are not working right ?
so there is the job titles .
i rmb the person naming miie 3 .
but sadly i onli rmb two or actually one .
the position name is event coordinator .
but a choice for full or part time .
so obviously i in for the full de .

ok so i am going to stop all this blabbering and start doing my resume .
so bye people !!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daddy's birthday/2e5 gathering

Ok so today is my daddy birthday !
Happy birthday my dearest Lao pa !
U am currently omw to katong de awfully chocolate to get a cake for him .
But one sad thing was u heard you hbe to book a day in advance .
So I am traveling there to give my luck a try .
Hopefully I could be able to get a cake at the least .

Btw ytd I had a fun day at the sec classmates gathering !
The talks all of us had got us thinking back to those silly yet happening school days .
Back then we were still so young in our early 10's
But now we have all grown mature .

So I got to go le BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop