Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tumblr post

People say a picture depicts a thousand word .
i have two does that means that is a two thousand word story ?

Does this shows how i feel .
I love you .
but maybe we are together so long .
that we get used to each other so much .
And i know i have taken everything for granted .

But no matter how many times you hurt me .
Or say something to break my heart .
Just like the quote says .
I will never get tired to forgive you .

My Questions to you is :
Will you do the same for me ?
Would you or Have you get tired of forgiving me ??

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outing with my girls !

I have to say this is rather exciting .
i love HB .
miss them like crazy .

going to prepare and meet them .
i wann shopping !

update real soon

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie night

so My mom got tickets for transformer.
will be catching it tonight .

so now an update for my recent beings .
i know i have not been active .
but can you blame me ?

I have an induction camp for work .
Went to Pulau Ubin for 2 days 1 night .
and a 5 days 4 night camp at NACLI .
just so you guys know .
OBS is well known .
as for some who dunno .
NACLI is a leadership camp sort of thing .

so went there and i just got back this monday .
and i have lots of work piling up .
so i just have to make sure my work is well organise .
as the new work portfolio is out .

the new work is not so bad i guess ?
hopefully i would be able to get the hang of the job .
and just to mention .
my baby will be going for NS on 9th Sept .

good and bad .
Good as in at least we get to spent our birthdays tgt before he goes in .
Bad as in before he goes in i would be busy like crazy .
as National day and other etc event would be held during August .

hopefully i would have enough time for him .
working gives me headaches .
but it also provides me with $$ .
which i always grumble of it not being enough .
but now i have $$, i dun have the time to spent it .
all i can do mostly is online shopping .
but i hate the waiting time .

i reali need to find a resolution for it .
anyway i have to go prepare and look for my baby le .
so ciao my peeps .

will upload again when i have things to blog about .