Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jb trips

most of you who follows me on twitter know that I've been going to jb for quite awhile :)

Going in with bby and his bb friend Melvin .
We always go in for dinner, groceries shopping, supper den pump petrol but sometimes we will go for car wash :)

Basically that would conclude the trip there :)
Follow by this will be a series of pictures :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random post in a random day

So now I'm on my way to work :)
And so being random....
I decided to blog .


I am currently studying for the license .
So I'm going to work every Monday to Friday just to study .
But the textbook is super damn thick !!!
Like one of our programming textbook .
But we used those for a year...
But the current one I need to finish it by 12th April .
Which is the exam date .

And I thought I will never take an exam this year .
Guess I was wrong .

So I recently read XX's blog about the asker and guesser .
Have you read it ?

If you have which are you ?
I'm a asker .
But I have one or two friends that I can identifies as guesser .

I know random topics .
But yeah .
I'm just being random today .
Hahaas .

I'm super damn tired .
I wann to sleep !!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

when emotion hits you

hi everyone .
I'm here to rant .

i read my own blog archives and realise my english is getting from bad to worst .
i used to write random poems and they make sense .
but now....
i feel like my english has gone to a whole new level of bad .

not my point of this post .
but i'm inspired to write an emotional one .

just now i kinda argue with bby on the phone .
and i feel rather upset about it .
as the argument is so not wad i wanted .

i love bby even his bad points .
but i just hope he could just see things my way .

i simply hate the arguing .
its been awhile since we last argue .
and i was happy about it .
but everytime we argue.......
it just reminds of me how bad it can affect the r/s .

I didnt came back into this r/s again to let it end like it did the last time .
I'll try to make things work .
but i feel so helpless if its just a one-sided effort .

i hope your love you spoke is not just words .
i believe everytime you say you love me .
because i wann to believe you mean it as much as i am when i say it to you .

my baby hubby .
you know i love you .
i try to tell you in all kind of ways .
but you never ever gets it .
i mean it everytime i say it .
if i dun mean it i wont say it .

so now you know why i'm so upset when you didnt say it .
it just simply breaks my heart .
so this is for you:

this cute boy that i feel for .
i knew he was the one,
but we fought, argued, drifted .
i doubt my feelings,
in the end we separated .

after the separation,
i realise it felt weird without him .
tears would run down my cheeks going through memories .
Good & bad .
i realise i missed him .

seeing him with another girl breaks my heart .
hearing him lie to me makes me shed tears and feel the ache in my heart .
but no matter how much he breaks my heart....
i still feel for him .

a simple "I LOVE YOU" that is true would make me smile .
that is why i always end the call by saying that .
but when i dun hear it....
esp when we argued....
its breaks my hearts .

i'm hurt .


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(Sponsored Ad) Pro Academy Workshop

Girls are you ready for a lesson ?
yes ! i'm simply introducing you a place to learn how to be a makeup artist/aromatherapist .

Of cos just as the title stated !
this place is Pro Academy !
take a look at their facilities.
lecture room/theory room
pedi/mani area
Makeup area
Last but not least the massage room

once we enter the class room there was a file and a goodie bag for us !
wad do we love the most ???
of cos is the makeup and skincare product !!!

after which we started on our lesson for aromatherapy .

we learnt to differentiate the types of essential oil by their distillation methods.
we learnt some basic knowledge about aromatherapy and was given a chance to create our own essential oil/facial serum oil.the list of the recipe for different skin type.
our lecturer for the day is one of their trainer Mr Cedric Chow.

Cedric joined them in 2010 and is an experience tutor even before that .

So time for the hands on !!
ingredient we used !
Cedric helping us with pouring of the base oil.Closer lookeveryone doing their own facial serum oil!my very own facial serum oil ^^

Next we went for lunch before starting our makeup lessons .
for makeup lessons we experience lesser theory .
but more hands on .

What we were given for the classNext up is the demo before we do the hands on for ourselves


Introducing the instructor: Ms Cheryl Ow
she taught us lots of useful tips on how to perfect our makeup.
her credentials includes numerous fashion shows, magazine shoots, TV commercial ads and also movie productions.

if you wann to learn all that i have experience and more .
here is some of the courses their have.

you can view their website ♥Pro academyfor more infomation.

So as a blogger !
my same old routine !
you must have missed out or even miss me right ?
If you dun miss me den dun stroll down le as it would be filled with my face !

ok one last PIC !

that is all ciao bellas!