Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slimming Down

So like the title have mention .
This post will be talking about slimming down from my experience .

As many people knows that i am a very meaty person(refuse to say FAT) .
so I've been mentioning to lose weight like since forever .
have never stop about thinking about it .

ever since like around secondary 1 i already wanted to slim down .
but never can stop myself from eating non-stop !
sad to say i'm not like those peeps who can eat all they wan but never gain weight !
so when i was younger i didnt have much self control .
said enough .
result by the end....
I'm still FAT !

so seriously FML !
so on and on it goes....
i keep saying i wann to lose weight and slim down...
That NEVER happen .

so sadly....
i enter poly in a SUPER meaty figure....
which was still maintaining til i met my bf .
after being tgt with my bf for about 1 yr .

i regret to say but i gain 10kg over the period of 1yr !
ya ya i know....
that's alot !

So just last year i broke up with my bf for close to 2 months .
within that period i lost about 4kg in just one single week .
i'll have to admit .
that weight lost was not intentional .
i didnt do anything but just had diarrhea for like close to 1 week .

so in that one whole week i rmb i didnt eat much .
almost like maybe 1 meal a day .
the rest of it i kinda slept it off .
(I'm not advising anyone to eat something bad to get yourself to LS hor)
just explaining the weight lost .

ok but remaining 6kg was cause intentionally by me .
Believe or not .
i took about 2-3 months to lose that weight .
not a lot by a average of 2kg a month and healthily .

So Dos and Donts

1. eat regularly
2. make sure there is a certain calories burnt in one week(e.g yoga)
3. sleep at least 9 hours(not longer better)
4. drinks loads of plain water(unflavored drinks)
5. drink alochol no Beer(optional)
6. Stay off Chips e.g Lays/Ruffles/Calbee
7. eat more vegetables !

1. cut off carbohydrates completely(intake small/smaller than usual portion)
2. starve yourself intentionally
3. eat til too full
4. eat oily food too often e.g fastfood/fried food
(best to keep to chicken and fish)
5. eat too much red meat e.g beef/lamb/pork/duck

So after reading the list...
what do you think ?
some people might think this is crazy and not enjoying .
but this is the most effective way to lose weight and not let it gain back even if i want to enjoy a buffet with my friends and family once in a while .

i guess being able to slim down or not it reali depends on how good are you at controlling yourself .
self-control and self restrain !

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Working again....

Yes I've got a job as a receptionist at a architecture firm .

Looks super atas etc etc....
But I always feel tired .

I guess I'm still not used to waking up early for work or school .

Cos it's reali been awhile since I wake at at 0630 every morning .
Should be able to get use to it de .

Plus as a receptionist most of the jobs or tasks are simple and boring

I dun have much to update .
But tmr I'll blog about slimming down .

So it wouldn't be so boring !

Keep up with my updates k .
Loads of love from me to you ^^

Muacks !

Sunday, May 27, 2012

(Sponsored AD) Tang Hong Kong Gourmet Food Tasting !

are you like me ?
always cant decide on what you wann to have for dinner/lunch ?
I have a resolution at Tang Hong Kong Gourmet!

Like the name of the restaurant....
it serve hong kong cuisine .
BUT !!!
they also serve cuisine such as western and also chinese !

So you can have a go at all three diff cuisine .
Cool or What !

before eating of course its the beverages .
they have your normal can drinks .
but there is also water chestnut sugar cane drink and pink guava drink .

ok so let's get down to business !

Cantonese famous cuisine 猪脚醋(pig trotter in vinegar)

a famous cuisine and also believe to damn good for pregnant women .
i personally love this dish ALOT !
i can eat just this dish with a bowl of rice .
its damn nice i love it esp the gravy !
but if you're not a lover of sour stuff then i'll recommend other dish !

Next up !
Tang sweet & spicy fish head !

of cos this dish is kinda easy to eat for people like me !
cause i do not know how to take fish .
my mum would be the one removing bones for me .
but this dish I LOVE !
no bones for the parts i ate !
love the gravy as it kept the freshness of the taste from the fish !

Tang authentic HK roast duck !

photo credits:♥ʀɑcʜɛʟ

crispy skin and tender meat !
do i need to elaborate more ?
plus dip it into their sour plum sauce for a different taste !
Its a MUST TRY if you visit !

Coconut milk prawn

photo credits:♥ʀɑcʜɛʟ

I cant tell you how it taste !
because sad to say i didnt try it .
Allergy !!!!
but just look at it !
are you drooling ?

Followed by Spicy deep fry white bait

this dish tasted just like those fried squids !
love it !
salty and spicy !
would be nice like finger licking good kind .
hehe ^^

Pork Cutlet !

the pork cutlet actually comes with fries .
so this isnt just what u'll get ^^

Desserts ! Double boil white fungi with papaya

dessert wasnt too sweet so i like it !
dun like overly sweet.....

Cupcakes from the owner's friends

Benson the owner !

of course food tasting with bloggers = camwhore and loads of people photos .





Camwhore !

they are located at 116 Neil Road, Singapore, Singapore 088853
its just a 10 mins walk from Tanjong pagar MRT
Want to know more about them ?
visit their fb page
♥Tang HK gourmet !

photo credits:♥ʀɑcʜɛʟ

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bf going Thailand

Ok so almost all my readers, friends, etc
Knows about my bf being in army !

Today he'll be going to Thailand for overseas training !
Period: 3 weeks plus

Meaning he'll not be here for close to a month .
And with the living hell condition over at Thailand .
I'm wondering how he's going to survive it !

But for sure I'll make full use of my time here .
Hahaas .
Some might say I'll be lonely
Some might say I'll be out of control .
Its depends on how you know me .
And how much you know about me .

But one thing for sure !
I'll miss my bby a lot !

Going to continue to help him with packing of luggage le .

Food Tasting post coming soon .
Look out for it k !

Love you sweeties !
Muacks .

Friday, May 4, 2012

A secret to keep for life ?

Have you ever wonder everyone has a secret ?

A secret they will bring with them to their death bed ?

I also feel like my close ones have things hiding from me .
I am over sensitive most of the time .
But not everyone is willing to share like I do .
I dun like the feeling of bottling up all my feelings and thoughts.

I like to share with my close ones my concerns on all aspects .

Basically I give trust to everyone that I meet .
But the trust reduces or lost after I know how or who the person is .
That is why I always share with people .
I feel like there is nothing I need to hide .

Who dun have a past with embarrassed moments .

I just wann to say its ok to say things straight to me.
I can understand and of cos handle the truth .

I dun like liars and two face bitches .

Be my friend ? Easy way is to be honest with me ^^