Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New job and yet again

So most people know that I went for an interview just a week ago.
But little do know that I actually got that job .

Finally !!!!
I'm in the jndustry that I long to be a part of .
The events industry !
Would hope pray and love that this job could treat me well.

So I'll most probably be leaving my current two part time jobs .
I am still wondering why did I chose to work two jobs .

Anyway other than the job updates....
Some things I need to update..
Have been going out with Priscilla for almost every night for supper .
Gaining weight and hoping that it maintain and not go up .

So I'm back to intensive slimming .
Need to slim back down .
Should I be back on the medication ?
Or should I just try out on my own before I make any other decision ?

Ok !
It really suck buckets to be sick in this weather !
Kill me before my nose drop off !
So that's about it lo .
Miss me loads and I'll miss u .
Ciao peeps !!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rws adventure cove !!!

Hello my sweethearts !!
As most of you might know I went to adventure cove just earlier this week.

Before you carry on reading .
I need to warn you .
There will be pictures of my no makeup faces .
So read it at your own risk k .


Ok so early in the morning I went to meet up with Priscilla at Bedok .
Then met up with Sharon at vivo .
Had our breakfast and walk over to sentosa

And we played all the rides there is in the waterpark .
But the food is quite expensive and not very tasty .
As in its normal pricing for such attraction places .
But.... I just feel its not worth it lo .

So we played til the park had to lose .
Bathe and super hungry and tired
We went to have dinner at ding tai fung when l2 came to meet us
Super filling meal and awesome happy hour one for one ice cream .

After which l2 sent us over to Waikin's
And as per usual we had a great laugh and cards games !
Awesome day it was !

So with a sleepy mind now trying to make a updates .
Here are the pictures in no specific order .

Friday, March 8, 2013

My recent beings

Like I said in my previous post .
I have yet to blog for like a month now.

So I'm back to blogging .
Firstly by updating on past events tht happen .

Recently have been hanging out with Priscilla more than ever since we became friends .

We have been going out for supper, shopping, clubbing and just hanging out !

This post will be filled with pictures in no apparently order .
Just pictures of the past month de update .
So let the photos tell the story ^^

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March of 2013

Haha .
It's been like what ?
One month since I last blogged !

I've said I would blog about my new year resolution .

So here I am blogging about it

My 2013 new years resolutions
1. To not fail any subject in school
2. To be able to find a job I love to work in
3. To able enjoy my life the way I wann it

That is about all .
Dun wann to be too greedy like previously .
In the end I wasn't able to archive most of them .

Decided to drop the driving license thingy for this year .
As I need the $$ now that I have loans to payback

Anyway I'm travelling down to get my pay before going to work today .
And two full shifts days waiting for me for the next two days .
Then by 15th will get my pay again .

Haha . Sound like a lot of pay to take .
But it's just so little and so not enough .
Anyway dun miss me too much will try to blog more ^^