Friday, April 24, 2015

Work is busy yet boring

So recently I have been busy rushing some work errands..
Finally the pain in my ass is no longer in the company. 
I guess only I am happy. 
Because I didn't inherit any of her job scope .
But my poor senior have to and she has been pretty annoyed by it.
Too bad she can't quit cause she has a bond with the company 

If not I will be the one crying now . 
And I have watched fast and furious for like 3 times now.
Still I teared at the end..

Just to sad to know that such an actor has pass on...
Hopefully they dun just stop here. 

Here is the song that is specially dedicated to Paul Walker 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One last time at flyer

So I recently know that seafood paradise at flyer will be closing down lo. 

So my department decided to have a dinner there as so to celebrate ? 
Or I should say hold a farewell dinner for my ex-colleague. 

As most people know, I have allergies for various type of seafood. 
Nonetheless I enjoyed the dishes and the thick creamy sauce of the crab . 
And of course I have to try one of the very few type of seafood I can eat. 
Underneath it actually is a very huge and fresh oyster ! 
Gosh ! 
My personal opinion... It's the best oyster among all three seafood paradise outlet ! 
Should give it a try before they closes. 

There is still this cuttlefish kang kong that is out of my expectation 
If you look closely, the vegetable is actually fried in a tempura like way. 
And it taste just like it. 
Super crunchy and taste so awesome
If some of you dun like the taste of the vegetable, no worries cause it doesn't taste anything like vegetable .
The cuttlefish is crunchy but with a slightly jelly like feeling. 

Okay I am so bad at describing the taste ! But it's pretty not bad.
Last but not least ! 
Da bomb ! 
It may not look like much 
But this ball is actually a cheese stuffed cuttlefish paste ball wrap in bacon ! 
How awesome is that combination ! 
This meal cost quite an amount .
Cause if the crab that I can't eat. 
Others are still pretty affordable . 

So to recommend, go to singapore flyer and try it out~ 
You won't regret it. Oh and there is a nice scenery to it too. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not feeling well

So I have been feeling sick recently...
Dk what is wrong with me.. 

I wonder... 

But whatever... 
Let's go with some review on a recent movie I watch...

Late review actually.. 
I recently went to catch insurgent with my girl.. 
And guess what...
It's bored til the point whereby I almost fell asleep. 
Expectation to high due to the first movie...

So I was quite disappointed...
BUT !! 
The good thing is that we went to had dinner at parkway. 
And it's a super good ramen place...
I didn't take any picture... 
what a waste. 
But the food is super super yummy. 

Highly recommend ! 
It's call keisuke ! 
It's located at parkway mall and it's just right at the entrance to basement. 
Cozy and the ramen is delicious. 
But if you are like me, someone who doesn't prefer very salty food. 
I recommend you to chose light for the soup base. 
Oh and did I mention they have free flow hard boiled egg and bean sprouts. 

I am dying to go back and try it again . 
This time round I would like to have some sides too ! 

So til then . 
Loads of love from me 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

So difficult to maintain

So I have been dying red hair since last year's Cny... 
And honestly, it's just to difficult to maintain... 

I want to change my hair color. 
Since the color has faded yet again. 
But I was wondering brown or black ? 

If brown which shade ? 
HAIZ so difficult to make up my mind . 
Advice please ?